Letter of Endorsement for Police Clearance Certificate from Pakistan Embassy

Asif Qureshi:  Take the following things with you before you enter the embassy.Take these to the attestation counter on the ground floor. They will check the originals and attest your documents.

1-Original Passport plus photocopy
2-Original Nicop (International ID card) with photocopy
3-Original Iqama plus Translation ( you can get translation for 40 Riyals in the embassy canteen)

Documents are now being attested in the NADRA OFFICE of Embassy which is in the adjacent street of EMBASSY. A person can ask any EMBASSY OFFICIAL and he will let you know about the direction.

Take these to the welfare section which is on the first floor. Meet with Osama in Room No.3 or whoever is there. Tell them you need a PCC form. He will give you a simple form which basically asks you why you want the PCC. Write you are going on final exit and give it back to him with the documents. He will print an endorsement letter for you.

Now take this letter to Room No. 6 which is the office of Vice Counsel Najeeb Ullah Khan (a great guy) and ask him to sign it. After getting it signed, go back to Room No. 3. They will put the Pakistan Embassy stamp on it. That's it!
So i got my endorsement letter from the embassy as I have already explained in my previous comments, I will explain the steps to get MOFA and Fingerprints from JEDDAH

1. Pay the MOFA fee online and get printouts of the receipts (If you don't have a printer then you can make payment and get a printed receipt from the offices opposite to MOFA after 7 am. Take your endorsement letter and iqama and passport copies along with originals.

2. I went to MOFA Jeddah at 4:30 am. there was a guy there making the list so I was 4th on the list, I came home afterward and slept for a couple of hours and went back at 7:30 am…This is the time when the guards come and make a queue of people according to the names on the list. At around 8 am, they open the gates and let you in. Inside you will get a token from the machine and wait for your number to be announced. When you reach the counter, he will ask you for endorsement letter + Payment receipt and your iqama. He will stamp your endorsement letter after checking iqama and payment and return to you the documents. He did not ask for copies of anything. No one asks you to fill any forms or pay 100 SR.

3. Once you have the stamped endorsement letter, you go straight to CRIMINAL EVIDENCE DEPARTMENT behind Islamic development bank in Jeddah. Park your car outside and go in and again take a token.. wait for your turn. He will take you inside the office and ask for letter + iqama (again no need of photocopies). He will print a paper for you and on that paper, they will take your finger prints and give you a receipt. On that receipt, there will date of delivery. I wanted my documents done urgently so I requested the guy and he was kind enough to direct me to the manager there. The manager also helped me out and asked me to come tomorrow at 10 am. I was lucky and the people over there were extremely nice. I got my letter the next day at 10 am.

Expat: Latest update for Pakistan Consulate in Jeddah: Go to the Welfare Section on the first floor. Find a guy named “Usama”, tell him you need a PCC, he will give you a form, fill it out, write an application requesting PCC on a blank sheet, go with your passport copy, NIC copy and both original to Najeeb (Vice Consul) office on the same floor. He will sign the application. Go out to the shops nearby and get your iqama translated. Go with the translation of iqama and a copy of NIC and passport to attestation department on the ground floor. They will attest all 3 (after looking at the original of all 3 documents). Go back up, give it to Usama he will make your letter.

Toxic: First, one has to go to the Pak Embassy with two pictures, two copies of Passport, NIC and Iqama and get the form from there, which would be filled by the man sitting in the exterior section of Embassy. Then, take this form and submit into window #6, which would be ready to collect the same day cost 18 SAR after 1.30 pm. Next step is to take that attested letter and get it attest from MOFA 30 SAR after this the most important step is to take this attested letter to the Police Office Deera near court with one picture. Here the fingerprint will be taken and you would get a receipt for collection of the certificate, which should be ready in three days. The last and final step is to collect the certificate and translate if necessary for the required purpose.[irp]

Shu Nix: My advice for fellow Pakistanis looking for PCC letter from Embassy is as follows: Go straight to the Welfare section of the Pakistani Embassy. At the embassy's entrance, there is a window, ask the gentleman that you want to visit the Welfare section. He will take your Iqama and give you a visitor's card. He will also guide to the Welfare section which can be reached after entering the main entrance of Embassy and going on the right side. Visit after 9:30 AM. There is a person Mr. Abdul Ghaffar, ask him for this Police Clearance letter. He will print this letter for you which are in the CORRECT format (no thumb impressions/signature required on this letter as it is addressed to Criminal Investigation Department Manager from the Embassy's Welfare Attaché). This letter was attested by MOFA without a hitch.

Ali: As mentioned by Shu Nix, a slight amendment to his experience as described above. Entering the Pakistan Embassy from the main gate, turn right on the entrance. The first room on your left will be Mr. Asad Ullah's office. A handwritten application for requesting this police certificate letter, a photocopy of passport, a photocopy of iqama. No fees and No Photographs required. He will provide you the letter within 10 minutes. No, wait till 1:30 PM and no need to go to window # 6. I am yet to visit the MOFA and Police HQ, hopefully, things will go as planned. If I encounter a different experience than the above mentioned, will share it.

Shahid Abdul Razzak: I believe that if I am getting some good out of discussions on this forum then I should also contribute towards it. By the grace of God, I could get the Letter of Endorsement/Form from our embassy that was visiting Khobar today. I submitted two copies of my passport, two copies of my NICOP and two copies of my Iqama to the team in the morning. The gentleman filled the Letter of Endorsement himself, took my thumb impression and signature on it and charged me SAR 10 per form. This form was then submitted to another window where I was asked to pay SAR 18 per form. The gentleman in this window took the whole set of documents along with the charges and issued me a receipt. I was requested to return in the afternoon to collect the Letter of Endorsement with authorized signature and stamp. I complied and received the signed and stamped Letter of Endorsement. The embassy I was referring to was Pakistan Embassy. Basically, the embassy in based in Riyadh but every fifteen days a mission from embassy pays a visit to Khobar and sets up base in Tamimi Compound.

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