11 Interesting Scientific Facts about our Brain which prove Allah is the Greatest!

Our brain is the byproduct of millions of years of engineering in our evolution, hence it is no surprise that there are literally dozens of interesting facts about our brain that we might not be aware of. Here are a few facts that you must read.

Several scientific studies have demonstrated that the excessive and long-term use of mobile phones greatly increases the risk of our brain developing tumors.[irp]

It has been proven by various scientific studies that dieting could possibly force our brain to consume itself.

It has been proven that Video games are extremely effective to overcome depression and offer great counseling for the teenagers. Some even claim that video games provide better counseling than regular therapists or counselors. Some studies have been conducted that prove that exposure to stress for a few months can also permanently destroy the neurons in our brain. This affects our memory, learning, impulse control and reasoning too.

Our brains remember the bad memories more than the good ones as they have a negativity bias tendency.

Despite the small size of our brain, it utilizes 20 percent of the total oxygen in our bodies. The brain also makes use of around 20 percent of the total blood in our bodies.

The biggest artificial neural network currently comprises of only 11 billion connections; however, the human neural network comprises of about 100 trillion connections.

After discovering a whole variety of parasites that attack the brain, scientists have concluded that a Zombie Apocalypse is possible.

Fat makes up around 60 percent of our brain, hence fatty fuel should be added like omega-3’s which help our brain function properly.

While we sleep, our cerebral spinal fluid keeps flowing through our brain on the outer side of our blood vessels and removes any wasted brain cells in the process. This includes the amyloidal beta protein which is known to cause Alzheimer’s. This is the reason it is so important to take at least 6-8 hours’ sleep for our brain.

Our brain scans have revealed that the brain, specifically the prefrontal cortex continues to develop and grow until out late 40’s. Additionally, when we are newborn we have the greatest number of brain cells, which only decrease over age.

It has been proven that just by meditating for 8 weeks, our amygdala which is the part of our brain associated with fear and emotion, shrinks drastically. Our pre-frontal cortex which is associated with awareness and concentration greatly increases and becomes thicker. If the human brain did not have the amygdala part of our brain, we would be fearless, as that is the part of our brain which controls our fear.

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