Ameneh Bahrami, a girl who forgives the guy who threw acid on her face

Women in Islamic culture have been given due respect and sacred status from God. But still, she is suffering suppression and cruelty for being a part of man dominant society. In case she is not willing to obey to men desires and order, she has to pay heavily. Sometimes the torture may end till lifetime or she might lose her life.  Ameneh Bahrami is one of such victims who reside in Tehran. She was 26 years old when one of his junior of the university confronted her on her way. That man was intended to marry her despite being five years elder to her and rejected by her many a times. The girl was admitted to a local university where that man Majid Movahedi saw her. Later his mother approached her and asked for her hand for Majid as he was desperately intended to marry her. She was not in favor of this proposal and rejected his offer.[irp]

The man became violent and could not cope her rejection and started threatening her that if she would not change her decision, she would have to pay heavily for it. She reported her harassment attempts at the nearest police station. Despite this, a man approached her one morning and threw acid over her face. She lost her eyesight consequently and the attacker surrendered himself after the attack. Her case got media coverage and there were huge protests for action against acid attacks on a woman. Ameneh went through several operations for face recovery in Spain. She got her partial eyesight back but again lost it due to an eye infection. The court set Majid to death sentence but the victim asked for Diyyah as she needed it badly for her treatment.

The court despite the international pressure of human right association, ordered the same acid dropping on Majid's eyes by Ameneh. The victim was taken to hospital to complete the punishment process by dropping acid on attacker's eyes and to make him blind the same way she got blind. At the last moment, she pardoned him and took her decision back. The attacker Majid was shockingly obliged and fell on her feet. She asked him to get out of her life forever and claimed for retribution. Such soft-hearted decision of Ameneh was appreciated by whole Iran and her sculpture was fixed at a public place.[irp]

Later the supreme commander of Iran Ayatullahkhaminie released the attacker about a year before without any compensation being paid to Ameneh. After that, she fell in agony as if she has made a wrong decision by forgiving a wolf. She thinks that if she had not forgiven him, there would be a lesson for all such cruel persons of society. After 6 months of the deadly incident, her older brother attempted suicide due to her loss. Still, she is determinant to move on in her life and even such crucial circumstances have not taken away her hope from life.

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