Facebook Messenger Records your Every Activity of Phone

If you have Facebook Messenger downloaded on your phone delete it now. Then you should redownload it and just go through the terms of the agreement. This is utter madness. Those of you who did not know about this should read ahead.

One thing to be noted is that these days most phones do not have detachable batteries. All the cell phone users who try to download the Facebook Messenger app are required to agree with their terms of service. This basically allows the social networking giants to use the microphone on your cell phone to record and store all audio at any given time without permission.

This is painful, is not it? Moreover, now Facebook has made it compulsory for every phone to download the Facebook Messenger to answer the messages you have received on Facebook. You cannot answer them using Facebook standard application.

The terms of service allow Facebook to also access pictures and videos by using the camera of the cell phone at any time without any consent. They can also directly call numbers while incurring charges to your account, again without any permission. If you thought that was too much, read ahead.

Facebook can also go through your call log and read any data that has been stored about contacts on your phone. This also includes the frequency of the communication through email and calls etc. with everyone whom you have ever called or emailed.

Even though most apps on Apple and Android devices offer similar terms of agreement like the ones which I have described above, none come close to the scale of privacy invasion which has been done by Facebook so far.

Since almost all the people will immediately agree to these terms even without reading them, this basically means that you are allowing yourself to be monitored by Facebook 24/7. This is the type of wiretap that would make even the best intelligence and spy agencies in the world jealous.

Some other app companies require you to grant them access to track your locations and movements, send SMS messages from your cell phone which will be charged to your bill, go through contacts and get full network access to all your communication i.e. Phone calls, SMS, Mail.

Some extremely intrusive apps can also change or remove files and other content from your phone's memory and disable your screen lock (pattern or 4-digit code).

Nowadays microphones have become embedded in everything. This can range from your Xbox Kinect gaming consoles or to the high-tech street lights that can record private conversations in real time. This may be considered as the final nail in the coffin of your privacy as the internet then has complete access to our daily lives.[irp]

As of June 2017, Facebook has reached a mind-blowing 2 billion active users and a couple of million inactive or dormant users. The company also received a net profit of $10 billion in 2016 alone. With all this money, so many users and now access to our daily lives, one can only imagine what they intend to do with it.

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