Expatriates are not allowed to work Part Time in Saudi Arabia

Part-time jobs are literally a lifesaver. They can help you save up some more money for your next vacation or for that nice car that you are dead set on buying. However, Expats working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cannot avail part-time jobs.

Expatriate workers in the kingdom are prohibited from working on a part-time basis with any other company than their sponsor.

The director general of the Makkah branch of the Ministry, Abdullah Muhammad Al-Olayyan, stated that no leniency will be displayed to any expatriate worker who is found to be breaking the labor and residency laws after the grace period expires.

An extensive and strict inspection campaign which was launched on Monday would spare not one single person. An official also states that any person who violates these rules of the establishment will be dealt with in the strictest manner.

Sources inside the ministry who had information on the topic said that if any expatriate’s paperwork, which is related to the campaign, has been handed in to correct the worker’s status to the authorities, and has not, been cleared, the expat will enjoy amnesty until his paperwork is sorted out.

There has also been widespread discontent with the policy, as many of the lower income expatriates work part time elsewhere just to survive.

In the harsh working conditions of the desert, it can often become impossible to sustain a lifestyle in the Kingdom as well as support your entire family back home.

Employers had also expressed their worries stating that now all those jobs that could have been done by a part-time worker would have to be done by a full-time worker, who would have to be formally hired by the company.

Businessmen also stated that if there is already an employee willing to work part-time additionally to his full-time job, he would have to be paid over time. These added employees would eventually just drive up their operational costs.

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