British Family killed in Makkah, Final SMS: “Our driver is going too fast”

A tragic incident happened in Makkah where a Muslim British family lost their lives in a deadly car accident. The family was on a holy trip to Makkah to performance Umrah from Newport UK. The family consisted of 6 family members, 3 females and 3 males.

Shaukat Hayat 56 was the eldest family member along with his wife Abida 47, Eldest son Mohammad Ishaq 33, his daughter in law Bilques who was pregnant and his daughter who was about to married by next week and a successful pharmacist.

The 6th family member was Mr. Hayat’s grandson Eisa Mohammad who was just one year old and was in the arms of his grandfather when this accident happened.

He was the only survivor of the accident and could get away as the grandfather cushioned himself to save him from the outside concrete.

Before accident when the driver was about to distract the car, the daughter of Shaukat Hayat, Saira Zainab texted that the driver is going too fast. This SMS proved to be the last text of her life and the whole family collapsed at the spot.

The taxi driver collapsed the whole chain of family and caused a great loss for Mohammad Eisa for the lifetime that lost his parents, grandparents, and aunt in a road accident

The family was on a holy trip and was traveling to Jeddah for meeting their relatives which are 1 hours distant from Makkah.

The taxi driver went on incredibly high speed and strike with a concrete truck which caused car and family members to die within seconds.

The rescuers found incredibly painful scenarios at the incident location where the pregnant woman Bilques (Daughter in law) of Shaukat Hayat lost his life with a coming life and the one-year-old child got injured inside the arms of his grandfather who cushioned himself just to save him.

The injured child got severe injuries with a dislocated shoulder, broken arm and affected ribs. The child lost his whole family but was lucky enough that his life was saved.

The child has been taken to the UK after initial treatment where the rest of the family members of the dead family will take care of his treatment. The collapsed family was buried in the native graveyard of Makkah.

Shaukat Hayat was a well-known writer and Islamic scholar in Britain and his daughter Saira Hayat was a successful pharmacist.

The Son Mohammed Ishaq was proceeding for Ph.D. in neurosciences. All capabilities and dream ended in smoke due to the carelessness of a taxi driver.

The incident brought shocking waves for him acquaints in Newport where the family was so popular for their religious assistance and contributions for the well-being of people.

20 relatives of the family attended the funeral ceremony of the family in Makkah. May their souls rest in heavens! Ameen.

Thousands of people die every year in the road accidents in Saudi Arabia and most of the time the reason is over-speeding. If you keep your speed under the limit, there are lower chances of getting involved in a traffic accident.

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