Top 6 Most Powerful Armies in the World

Everybody knows there is only one real way to compare the strength of two militaries, however, thankfully we haven’t had the chance of comparing such a thing in recent years. There is although a way in which an army’s strength may be evaluated. This is through evaluating their total number of personnel, nuclear warheads, aircraft, and budgets. In accordance with these factors, these are the top 6 armies around the world.

United States: The United States Armed Forces are considered the number one military in the world. They have 1,430,000 active soldiers and other personnel. They also have 10 aircraft carrier and 13,683 aircraft which is more than all other countries combined. Armed with 7506 nuclear warheads and an annual budget of $612,500,000,000 it is no doubt the best army in the world.[irp]

Russia: The Russian military is considered 2nd amongst the world’s armies with 766,000 armed and active personnel. With 15000 tanks and 8484 nuclear warheads, they are the world leaders in the two departments. They however only have 1 aircraft carrier and an annual budget of $76,600,000,000.[irp]

China: The Chinese military is the 3rd best army in the world and with a whopping 2,285,000 active personnel they possess the largest infantry and manpower in the entire world. They have 9150 tanks and close to 250 nuclear warheads. Their annual budget is $126,000,000,000.[irp]

India: Then is the Indian military which comes in at 4th position. They have around 1,325,000 active on duty personnel and 3,569 tanks. India also has around 80 Nuclear Warheads and 2 aircraft carriers. Their defense budget annually is $46,000,000,000.[irp]

United Kingdom: The armed force of the United Kingdom comes in next with 205,330 active personnel and 407 tanks. They possess 225 Nuclear Warheads and 1 aircraft carrier. With an annual budget of $53,600,000,000, they come in at no.5 on this list.[irp]

France: The army of France is at 6th position on this list with 228,656 armed and active personnel. They also possess 423 tanks and 1203 aircraft with 300 Nuclear Warheads, 10 submarines and an annual budget of $43,000,000,000.

Through this, we can clearly make out that America is invested in staying the world’s greatest military force for some time.  Their budget of $600bn is followed by Chinese armed forces’ budget which is $130 billion, which is less than a quarter, of what America is spending. While everybody had been focused on the race for nuclear power, nearly everybody missed out on aircraft careers. In this department too America has taken the lead with 10 of them, which might be equal to or more than all the aircraft carriers of the other armies around the world.

North Korea, who haven’t been mentioned in the list above, state that they are the world leaders in several submarines that an army possesses. However, even with 78 submarines, they are far from being world leaders in the department as many of their submarines are antiques and showpieces which can no longer be used. As the correct number of submarines cannot be calculated, giving them the title of world leaders in submarines is not possible.

Umar Dar: Some irregularities in your content here! Best funded does not mean the working of the force can be classified as best. In the past 100 years excluding the World Wars (as they were a team effort) can you identify how many wars America started alone and won? Your answer would require some…very little research. For the past decade, only, Let me list a few;

Operation in Afghanistan (no objective achieved, even death of Osama is now being advertised as fake, opium growth increased to 1000% and Taliban still roaming rampant)

Operation in Iraq no objectives met except stealing oil, country left in turmoil

Operation in Libya, no objectives met once a prosperous country now in flames.

Operation in Syria underway, no objectives met yet, funding terrorist organizations a stable economy lost due to degenerates in the US Think Tank

  • Yemen 2000
  • Pakistan 2000
  • Cambodia 90
  • Panama 1989-90
  • Iraq 1991-03
  • Somalia 1992-94
  • Bosnia 1995
  • Iran 1998
  • Sudan 1998
  • Afghanistan 1998
  • Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
  • Afghanistan 2001
  • Libya 2011

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