How a Marketing Specialist got Permanent Family Visa?

Sabir: As I mentioned earlier that I was having appointment with Istiqdam today I went there and Alhamdulillah I remain lucky to get permanent visa for my Family, I consider myself a ray of hope for all those brothers who are getting Visa rejection because of their professions and are facing this error “E-service Business Rules not covered OR Visit Istiqdam office to manually review your occupational documents”.

My profession is Marketing Specialist (Ikhtisaasi-Tasweek) and I was getting the same error while applying for a visa online then I took a step to follow directions and visit Istiqdam directly after the appointment. This is confirmed now that all those applicants with Professions not acceptable online will receive the same error and like me can go to Istiqdam.

I booked an appointment on last Thursday which was 2nd-April, and I select the available timing of 6th-April 11-am, today I was in Istiqdam at 10:30 am and most surprising thing was that I was the only applicant in Istiqdam office all 4 officers were free.

Before time they consider my Application verify it and ask me to wait, within just 10 Minutes they give me Yellow Paper (Visa) and believe me Guys it was something exceptional that how easily and quick they Print that slip and handover to me.

Required Documents

  • Istiqdam Appointment
  • Manually Filled Visa Application signed and stamped by Sponsor and Chamber of Commerce.
  • Original salary certificate signed Stamped by Sponsor and COC also.
  • Original Degree (English version) Verified by Saudi Culture Pakistan, Saudi Consulate Pakistan, MOFA and Higher Education Commission Pakistan.
  • Arabic Translation of Original Degree Attested from MOFA only because Saudi Culture only accepts your English version Degree.
  • Marriage Certificate Original with Arabic Translation Attested by MOFA Pakistan and Saudi Consulate in Pakistan also.
  • My Son Birth certificate attested by MOFA and Saudi Consulate Pakistan
  • Visa fee Payment proof printed from Online Banking Right after paying visa fee 2000 SAR.
  • My Iqama copy and PP Copy. PP copy for my wife and kid

Istiqdam representative just focused on my manually filled application and only 1 question he asks me that in your file all documents are complete? I said “Yes” and then he just took my Degree out of file and Translation of it, after that he asked me to wait and in just 10 mints my Visa Slip was printed and handed over to me.

I will be happy to serve any of your brothers, for sake of good and help my Mobile number and email is below, any time any confusion about this process and my personal experience, you are welcome to call me.

BIG THANKS TO MR STEVE, for owning such a helpful and discussion oriented portal where expatriates can share their experiences to help each other, Thank you, everyone, who wish me for best.