Difference between Lounge and Normal Package at Etimad Center Pakistan

Etimad Center is the only authorized agent of Saudi Embassy in Pakistan to process the family visit visa and permanent family visa. We have explained the procedure in detail in the above-mentioned links.

However, there was a little confused about some points which Mr. Aitzaz has resolved. He has been a very active contributor to this blog especially related to Pakistani processes.

Aitzaz: Beside some other “benefits” Lounge Package gives you the flexibility to choose appointment day and time-slot of your liking, you can change your appointment day and time as many times as you want. However, you pay double fees for Lounge. VISA Processing Time Is Same as Normal.

The normal package usually gives appointment date which is 1 to 2 weeks ahead of applying date; the time-slot is also limited and only lets you change the schedule a couple of times. After which you must cancel and re-take appointment. Normal Fees is collected. Processing Time is the same as Lounge.

1401 The Difference between Lounge and Normal Package at Etimad Center Pakistan

Enjaz is a Saudi government service (website) that helps Saudi consulate to communicate efficiently with the Agents and GAMCA centers. Saudi Consulate accepts visa application applied through Enjaz only.

Etimad center will collect Enjaz fee from you and prepare and submit your application to Enjaz on your behalf. You need not to worry about it. You will get an E-number from Etimad, E-number is the Enjaz application number. You'll have to ask the medical center to upload the report on that number

Can we process visa from Etimad Center of any other City?

It should be noted that once you have taken the Etimad appointment for one city (VSC Center), even if it gives you the option to change it to another city (VSC Center), the other city office (VSC Center) is unable to accept your application. Etimad's online system is inconsistent.

So, if anyone wants to change the city (VSC Center), do not do so on your already submitted application. Cancel your existing appointment and apply for a new application in your required city (VSC Center).