Where is Prophet Nooh Ship in this world?

Does anybody know where Prophet Nooh Ship landed? There are different accounts of different religious books which state where the Ship supposedly landed.

The Bible says ‘the mountains of Ararat’ the Qur’an says ’the mount Judi’. Which one is it really, or is it the same place or different locations? I had received this query from many of my readers from all around the world belonging to both Christian and Muslim faith.

I have tried to arrange an article based not on my religion, but based on facts that I have looked up from all over the internet and a few books.

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is the easier mountain to locate, most probably because of a large amount of information available on the Mountain and numerous expeditions and archaeological searches conducted in the area.

Located in Turkey and known as ‘Agri Dagh’, the mount of Ararat represents the Biblical version for the location of Prophet Nooh Ship.

Although the Bible does not specifically name Mount Ararat, the mount being the highest location in the mountains of Ararat has made it the most probable Biblical location for the Ship.

Thus it has caused many expeditions by Christian explorers. Called Cudi Dagh and located in Turkey, the Mount Judi represents the Quranic version for the location of Hazrat Nuh Boat.

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Mount Judi

Mount Judi seems to be more difficult to locate, however with a little help from my friends and colleagues I have found some information which is quite interesting and reveals a lot.

Discussion on the topic should be conducted carefully as it is a topic of great debate. This is because this mount Judi is located 200 miles away from Mount Ararat, and the two Mounts have been confused for one another.

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Finally, the Prophet Nooh Ship was found

In 1994 explorers claimed to have found Hazrat Nuh Ship, on the Iranian-Turkish border. The Ship was found by a team of scientists who had been conducting their investigation for 6 years, and they located the Ship 32 kilometers from Mount Ararat.

The remote site comprises or a ship sort of object buried into the mount which stands at 2300 meters. The Turkish government was convinced by their findings and had designated the site as a historical archaeological location and set it to be excavated the following year.

45 meters, wide and 170 meters long, it fits the physical description according to Genesis 6 in the Bible. There is a mountain named Ararat and one named Judi and both are found in the Ararat region.

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It is possible that both locations mentioned by the two Holy Books are the same location. As my readers, can see, the two names are used interchangeably when used for the location of the Ship, even though the two names are different.

The site of Mount Ararat is to date being studied by many archaeologists and researchers as both religions can agree to the fact that the Ship landed in this region. Whatever these researchers conclude, there is nothing conclusive as only Allah knows the reality.