Procedure to use Najm Application to Report Traffic Accident

All of us know about the procedure we need to follow in case of a road accident. If you don’t know about it, here is a quick guide for you “Process in case of Road Accident”. In case, if one of the vehicles involved in the accident is insured, the case is referred to the Najm. To facilitate the residents of Saudi Arabia, Najm has launched an application called Najm. You can easily report a traffic accident using this mobile application “Najm”. It is a must have mobile application while living in Saudi Arabia. I will provide step by step guidance on using this application to report traffic accident in Saudi Arabia.

First, make sure that you have downloaded this application in your mobile phone. It is available in IOS as well as on Android. It is important to mention here that if none of the parties has insurance, you cannot report it to Najm using Najm Application. Your device must be connected to the internet at the time of reporting the incident using Najm mobile application.[irp]

You must not move your vehicle after the accident and take comprehensive and full pictures of the cars covering the whole scene using Najm Application.[irp]

After taking the pictures using Najm application, you can move your vehicle as it is causing trouble to the traffic. After this, the mobile application user sends his details like name, registration plate numbers of cars involved in an accident using Najm mobile application.[irp]

As soon as this information is updated in the Najm mobile application, the application will communicate the location of the incident to the nearest Najm investigator. You will be able to track the location of Najm investigator in real time using the map of the Najm application.[irp]

After the arrival of the Najm investigator, he will review the pictures already taken by the users and take additional pictures if deemed necessary. He determines the responsibility of the accident and sends the final report to the insurance companies. Users can also track the status of their insurance claim using Najm mobile application.[irp]

Features of Mobile Application “Najm”

  • Najm application can be used to;
  • Report traffic accidents in record time
  • Follow up the accident and processing of insurance claim with the insurance company
  • Track the arrival of the investigation officer by following up his place map
  • Trace the path of the incident after reporting it

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