Top 6 Most Popular Newspapers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is host to many newspapers of various languages that are printed all over the city. Most the newspapers in the Gulf area were first started in Saudi Arabia. The first ever newspaper which was found in the whole of the Gulf region is Al-Falah, which was set up in Mecca in 1920. All the newspapers that are published in Saudi Arabia are owned by private companies. Here are some of the top newspapers in their respective languages;[irp]

Arabic Daily Newspapers

Al-Jazirah – Al Jazirah is an Arabic newspaper which is published daily in Saudi Arabia. It is published on 48 pages with both black & white and color content. It was first set up in 1960 by the Al-Jazirah Corporation. It also has a sister newspaper, the Al Masaiya, which is the only afternoon newspaper, with limited readership and influence in the country.

Al Eqtisadiah – Al Eqtisadiah is a daily Arabic newspaper which is published in Saudi Arabia, by the Saudi Publishing and Research Company. The newspaper was initially launched as an economic daily paper in 1962. It is also often called the financial times of Saudi Arabia; hence its targeted viewership consists of businessmen, students, and government officials.

English Daily Newspapers

Arab News – Arab News is an English daily newspaper which is published in Saudi Arabia. It is simultaneously published from Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah. The newspaper, which is published in broadsheet, attracts the viewership of diplomats, businessmen, and executives. The newspaper was established in 1975 by brothers Mohammad and Hisham Hafiz

Saudi Gazette – The Saudi Gazette is the leading English newspaper in the Kingdom. It is published in Jeddah and is available online as well as in print. The newspaper was established in 1978 by Saud Islam who was a Saudi Native who had graduated from London. The newspaper first opened bureaus in Riyadh and Al-Khobar, while operating from Jeddah. The newspaper is read by people from all around the world through their website.

Urdu Newspapers: Urdu News – Urdu News was the first ever Urdu Newspaper published in Jeddah, and the rest of the Arab countries in the Gulf region. It was established in 1994 as a weekly newspaper by Hisham Hafiz, who also owns Arab News N\\ewspaper, amongst others. As the language of the paper is Urdu, its primary readers are Urdu speaking expats, which includes both Pakistanis and Indians, who live in Saudi Arabia.

Malayalam Newspapers: Gulf Madhyamam – The Gulf Madhyamam is the largest and oldest daily newspaper to be printed in the Malayalam language in the Middle East. The newspaper has 9 editions and hence also has the highest number of editions in Gulf countries. The journalist and staff of the newspaper have received as many as 90 journalism awards for their honesty and hard work.

Although there are many other newspapers in the region, these are the top-rated newspapers in each language.

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