Top 5 Countries with Highest Military Spending

The article I have posted below is that of military expenditure incurred by some countries. The amount that is spent by a nation’s military in each year is their military expenditure.  The figures have been presented under US dollar so that it may be understood by people from all over the world. The numbers can vary greatly year to year based on the changing exchange rates and the situation of the country. It should be noted that this money could have been use elsewhere. Believe me; you will be amazed to know the rank of Saudi Arabia among the countries with highest defense budget or military spending. On average, the entire world spends $1.8 trillion on the military spending every year. The entire world can eat 3 times out of this huge money.

United States: The country which spends the most money on their military is the United States of America. The military expenditure came in at $581 billion in 2014. Those who may not know how many zeros there are in this number, the numeric denomination of this would be $581,000,000,000. Most of us would never in our lifetimes see this amount of money. Many people do not even realize what all so much money could buy. With this amount of money, people could buy 683,529,411 unlocked, 128 GB iPhone 7s which cost $850 each and still be left with some change. You can even buy 4.3 million 2017 model Mercedes G class SUV’s and again be left with a lot of spare change.

China: Second on this list is China with a military budget of $129.4 billion. Although this is significantly lesser than the previous country’s budget, it is still a lot of money. The numeric denomination would be 129,400,000,000. With this amount of money, you could easily feed 688,297,872 people in China for a whole month of 31 days. We can even purchase 205,396,825 Ipad Airs 2’s which retails at $630 per piece.[irp]

Saudi Arabia comes in at number 3 on this list with a military budget of $80.8 billion. The numeric denomination for this is 80,800,000,000. In this amount of money 393,643, Ferrari California’s can be bought. In the same amount 95,058,823 top of the line, iPhone 7s can be bought.[irp]

Russia: At number 4 we have Russia with a military budget of $70 billion in 2014. The numeric denomination of this amount would be 70,000,000,000. This same amount could have been invested into the economy. It could have bought 418,060,201 people food for the entire month.

India: Then we have India whose military budget for 2014 was $45.2 billion or 45,200,000,000. This same amount could have been invested into their economy. Some might argue that the economy is already growing, but it is not growing at pace with its population. This is evident in the large slums found in the country and the many people living in poverty. This amount of money could have been used to feed 450,899,805 or 45 billion people for an entire month. The same amount of money could have bought 11,495,861 Maruti Suzuki Alto 800s.

Pakistan: Finally, we have Pakistan, who has a military budget of $10.9 billion or 10,900,000,000. This same amount could have been used in the economy which was left in shambles after some poor governance and a string of terrorist attacks which plagued the country. This could have also helped feed 119,689,467 needy and hungry people for a month. That’s half the population of the country. Pakistan is not even in the list of even top 15 countries but since most of the readers of this blog are related to Pakistan, so we are adding it here.

Source: International Institute for Strategic Studies


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