6 Wrong Practices of applying Shampoo which lead to Hair Fall

Hair problems are so common these days mainly due to different weather conditions and exposure to dirt, dust, sun, and wind. People have different hair color, texture and natural ways of reacting to different stimuli.

Some have naturally smooth silky shiny hair; others are born with frizzy dry hairs. They are very concerned about maintaining their hair and prevent them from hair fall.

For this purpose, people use many products to give nourishment, smooth texture, and shiny gloss and bounce to their hair. 

It is a very common complaint, especially in women, that besides regular shampooing and washing hair every single day with one of the best shampoos, they still end up with dry and rough hair and the condition is not improving.

Their hair is getting weaker day by day regardless of how much they care.  Experts in this regard explained that most of the times it is due to usage of wrong methods to shampoo and wash hair because people are not aware of the proper way.

This not only destroys the already damaged hair but you must have seen people complaining that they had very good hair previously but as they grow old, the hair is losing its shine and texture.

This is also due to wrong ways of shampooing which take away shine and life from your already healthy shiny super gorgeous hair! In this regard, experts and hair stylists proposed the following possibilities and solutions;

1-Do not use and rub shampoo at the end tips of your hair.

2-During a hair wash, do not rub your hair hard and unnecessarily extra.

3-Most importantly, don’t rub your scalp excessively. This is the reason which produces excessive oil in scalp and the skin which then transfers in your hair as well making them sticky.

4-It is a common conception that the more foam you make in your hair, the better you are washing them. But that is very wrong.

Don’t try to make too much foam and lather in your hair instead try to wash your hair more with water than shampoo and take double time in washing your hair with water.

5-Don’t rub your hair with a towel for drying them. This creates a frizzy rough texture and the hair looks dull and lifeless. Just wrap a towel around your hair and let them dry themselves naturally by pat drying them or squeezing excess water with your hands.

6-For cleaning and washing your hair don’t just depend on a single shampoo for your lifetime. Keep on changing your shampoos and conditioners and try different ones to see the best effects. Do not rub conditioner into your scalp.

There is no doubt when you visit a salon or parlor you feel your hair to be healthy and fresh, this is because these stylists are well trained about how to wash and treat hair correctly following a given regime.


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