What are the side effects of undergoing Hair Transplant?

The branch of dermatology dealing in the study of hair and scalp is known as Trichology. A common problem faced by many people in Saudi Arabia is hair loss. There are several reasons attached with hair loss. It can be due to stress, hormonal changes, deficiencies in diet, dandruff, a family history of hair loss. Hair loss causes can also be due to blow drying, curling or straightening the hair too often. A healthy scalp is necessary for healthy strong hair. Incorrect use of hair products also causes hair loss. Drinking plenty of water benefits the hair as well as health. While going for a walk or for shopping, you try to dress up to date to look attractive. Many wonders if people looking at you find you acceptable. But if you suffer from hair loss or any other balding problems then the self-confidence may fall. For gaining back this self-confidence hair transplant surgery seems only the right solution.[irp]

People try to make their looks better by having the procedure done but does not consider the possible side effects attached with the solution. Thinning of hair is one possible side effect which comes with hair transplant surgery. After the surgery, the hair the person already has seemed to become thinner but the thickness comes back within a few months after surgery. In some cases, bleeding can take place, which can be prevented by putting pressure on the area. In rare cases, if bleeding does not stop, to close the wounds the surgeon might need to do some stitching.

In hair transplant surgery pain isn’t the problem; half of the people do not feel much pain and mild pain reliever seems to be enough for those who do. Itching occurs in areas affected by hair transplant surgery but it doesn’t last for more than few days. This can be diminished by using a shampoo every day. A temporary numbness can also be felt by patients after the surgery. Female hair loss is not considered normal like in men. Fight against hair loss is expensive in Saudi Arabia. Studies show that the baldness rate in Saudi Arabia is greater than that in Europe. There are some great results in case of men in hair transplant surgeries but females should consider this as the last option

Alopecia Areata is the disease in which a person loses hair in form of patches. The scalp looks healthy apart from the patches formed due to this disease. Telogen Effluvium (TE), another form of hair loss causes the shredding of hair lasting one to four months, it causes thinning of hair over the entire scalp. The hair of the patient returns to normal within a year, the scalp regains its normal density once the shredding returns to normal.[irp]

According to trichology’s, Mike Ryan, the scalp is also skin and is prone to same changes of the cell. Dandruff is often a problem seen among many people.  The Scalp also must be protected from the sun which can cause it to dry out and damage them. Some anti-dandruff is great for dandruff but some can affect the hair quite harshly. A healthy rich diet of protein is also beneficial for healthy hair.

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