Procedure to open Post Box (PO Box) in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Postal Cooperation operates the postal system in Saudi Arabia. The mail delivery system in Saudi Arabia has always been based upon PO boxes rather than direct delivery at the house. After the mail is delivered to the PO boxes, it is collected by the holder of the PO Box. Postbox number of your own can be obtained by a very simple procedure. A residency permit number will be required for Non-Saudis to apply for a post box.[irp]

The first step would be to visit the Saudi Post Office nearest to your home. Make sure to take your building number to the Saudi Post Office. The building number will be an Arabic four-digit number on a green plate on the wall of your building. The instructions to get postal address is also given in this link – Procedure to Get Postal Address in Saudi Arabia

Fill the basic application form.

A recent photograph and copy of your Iqama must be submitted with the form, make sure to keep that in pocket beforehand. An application number, pin code, and post box number will be provided to you by Saudi Post.

A single person or multiple person accounts can be chosen by you.  If you choose multiple person accounts, multiple people can use the same address provided their names are registered on it.

A maximum number of names that can be registered on one address is ten and it will cost SR300/year. SR100/year will be the cost if a single person account is chosen. The cost for a small company and large company would be SR1000/year and SR 3000/year respectively.

The payment is to be paid in your bank. It can also be paid by ATM or phone banking. Do not visit the ATM immediately after filing the form in Saudi Post Office as the system take the time to update, wait an hour or two before visiting the ATM. The method for ATM is quite convenient. The first step will be to visit your nearest ATM and insert your ATM card into the machine. After you will enter your pin code, several options will be displayed. Select Saudi Post from them but if there doesn’t appear to be an option of Saudi Post, just press “Others”. A code will be required and enter “021”. You will then enter the application number that was provided to you by Saudi post previously. After paying the amount mentioned, take the slip. Don’t forget to take your card along with you.

Visit the Saudi Post Office and give the slip there. The procedure ends here. Your PO Box Number will be activated once you submit the slip.  Keys and Post Office card can be collected from the Saudi Post Office after 2 days.

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