What is the Literacy Rate in Saudi Arabia?

Education is the basic need of a Muslim and every Muslims is ordered by Allah and his Holy Prophet to acquire it. Holy Prophet PBUH has emphasized over and over for Muslims to get educated and equip themselves with knowledge. The literacy rate of Muslim countries has been very poor as compared to Western and non-Muslim states.  Saudi Arabia has made significant strides in the lack of education annihilation in the course of recent years. The Kingdom began endeavors to kill ignorance by teaching grown-ups in 1954. According to statistics issued by UNESCO, the literacy rate of Saudi Arabia for the year 2015 is 94.7%.[irp]

As per the service's late web presenting the general acknowledgment on getting taught has made understudies join schools in all parts of the Kingdom and pushed up the rate of youngsters going to class to 98.7 percent. The endeavors are required to teach elder illiterates who missed their opportunity to be educated beforehand, have been proceeding with no respite. Secretary for Boys Education in Ministry of Education Abdul Rahman Al-Barrak said, including that the endeavors would not end until every old people gain learning aptitudes.  He said the Kingdom succeeded in making an extraordinary cut in the level of ignorant people due to the support got from the administration. The old Qur'an schools and the tuition based schools assumed a critical part in spreading education among all segments of the individuals until the General Secretariat for Adult Education was built in 1984.

The main syllabus for the grown-up training and absence of education destruction was set down in 1956. A significant highlight of the syllabus was to decrease the time of training to three years and afterward one more year was added to the arrangement. The four-year study was trailed by a time of subsequent and after that, the grown-up was qualified for an elementary school declaration.

In 1972, the Adult Education and Illiteracy Eradication Regulation was issued. The regulation characterized the general strategy for training and proficiency drives underscoring the commitment of the state and the private area in teaching the matured individuals. A board was likewise situated up under the pastor of training. The panel likewise issued a few statutes went for grown-up training arrangements keeping in accordance with the world improvements in the theme.[irp]

As indicated by the most recent authority examine there are 3,085 grown-up schools with 82,797 male and female understudies in the Kingdom. More than 10,200 educators are serving in those schools. While the study put the number of male schools at 729 with 12,638 men mulling over in them, there are 2,358 ladies' schools in which 70,158 ladies are considering. The Kingdom had additionally gotten a few universal grants in energy about it an accomplishment in the annihilation of lack of education and different endeavors to spread instruction.

Source: Arab News

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