10 Useful and tested Tips to purify your Lungs in 72 Hours

The importance of Lungs: Lungs are an important and essential organ for everyone because it is the key element in breathing, which is, taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide. The importance of this organ is well known for those having problems with it for example asthma or T.B patients.

Sometimes people who don't smoke have lungs problems: Lung issues might occur because of your carelessness but sometimes you are lucky enough and they are not damaged.

For instance, it is seen sometimes a person who doesn’t smoke at all, have lung problems, while those smoking and using cigarettes for 30 40 years have their lungs functioning well.

This thing depends on the organism residing in your lung and harming it. That is why not everyone faces lung problems. This article is a very useful one as it will help you to detoxify your lungs within 72 hours. The steps are as follows;


1-Avoid Dairy Products: You need to prepare yourself and your lungs for this detoxification process. To proceed and prepare you to need to avoid and omit all dairy products from your routine as your body needs to get rid of toxins of these dairy products.

2-Don't workout: During this detoxification regime, you need to take care of your lungs and don’t overload it with any sort of work.

3-Herb Tea before bedtime: The only simple and easy task you need to perform on the first day is to have herb tea before your bedtime. This will help to release the toxins from your body in your intestine and might cause constipation so watch out!


4-Lemonade Water before the breakfast: Next is to have lemonade which you can have by squeezing 2 large lemons in about 300ml of water as soon as you wake up, before breakfast.

5-Grapefruit Juice: Next is to consume grapefruit juice about 300ml. If you are not many fans of this juice, it doesn’t suit you or you don’t like the taste you have a second option. This option is replacing it with pineapple juice. Best, isn’t it?

The natural antioxidants in these are very beneficial and the entire success of the regime revolves around it as it detoxifies and improves your breathing.

6-Carrot Juice: Now you need to consume carrot juice about 300ml. The timing for this juice is between breakfast and lunch as it helps in alkalizing your blood for the three-day cleansing process.

7-Potassium-rich Juice: 400ml of Potassium-rich juice needs to be consumed at lunchtime. It works as a cleansing tonic.

8-Cranberry Juice: Again before bedtime consume 400ml of cranberry juice, the purpose of which is to fight against bacteria residing in your lungs causing infections.


9-Hot Bath: Sweating also helps to release toxins from your body to take a 20minute hot bath on the third day.

10-Inhale the Steam: In a bowl of hot water add 5 to 10 drops of eucalyptus extract. Place your head over the bowl, covering yourself up, inhale the steam until the water cools down.

Do give it a try and share it with your family and friends as there is no harm because the process is natural and juices are always good for health! Best of luck!