7 Useful Tips to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

Air travel has become the only feasible means of transport from one side of the world to the other. Each day hundreds of flights, with thousands of passengers make their way across the globe to their respective destinations. Every frequent flyer knows that purchasing your ticket can be a tricky thing, as sometimes you are greatly overcharged for a seat. Sometimes though, one can get great discounts too. Here are a few ways of saving some money on your next flight booking;[irp]

1-The fares for the flights vary greatly during the week. It is advisable that once a prospective date is set for your travel, it is best to go online and search around for the best deals or prices. Once the initial search is done compile a list of all the sites and regularly check in to the sites to see if the airfare has changed. Those who have experience in trading stocks might find this like the stock market.

2-Prices for the same flight may be high one day and extremely low the other so it is important to know which days to check out prices. It is reported that the fares are lowest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The rest of the days the prices have been known to greatly increase.

3-Another great tip for prospective travelers is to check the seat availability of the flight he intends to take. For instance, traveling to Europe is greatest during summer and as all flights are completely booked, remaining tickets are sold at highest prices possible. It is advisable to plan your trip in the off-tourist seasons to get the best rates and to ensure that the country you intend to visit is not crammed with tourists.

4-Compare the ticket rates with all the airlines operating on the route. With the help of technology, it is very easy to do it. You can download an application called “KAYAK” or “SKY SCANNER” and they will do this exercise for you. Mixing and matching tickets will allow travelers to get a discounted price rather than paying a high amount for a return ticket.

5-If you are a frequent flyer or if you plan on flying soon it is best to sign up with travel agency websites as they offer great deals and discounts or their members. Sometimes they offer bulk discounts or special promotion packages which should be much cheaper than the basic airfare.

6-Extra baggage fees, and carry on restrictions should be clearly understood before booking the flight as some airlines charge for your luggage. Hence making you seem like you saved money on the ticket but have to pay up the difference for baggage fees. Advance payment is usually cheaper than paying at the airport and is a good idea if you intend on using the airline.

7-Most people think that bulk buying the tickets will save them a lot of money. This is, however, anything but true as during vacation times most airlines restrict several seats that can be sold at the lowest possible rates set by them. It is better to check if all the seats cost the same as what you thought, and if it is not so, then bookings should be made in small groups.

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