Painkillers cause more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined

The title sounds a bit weird and unbelievable but yes! It is true that painkillers widely prescribed from a long time can kill you more than the two potentially harmful drugs Cocaine and Heroin. All of this is because of the expert pharmaceuticals that work in their minds and prescribe you these painkillers which are consumed widely to feed yourself for every minor issue and sometimes for self-satisfaction. Think first before taking any drug as there is no rule or law for all legal drugs to be useful always and better than the illegal ones! Prescription painkillers don’t diminish the pain from its root; instead, they just mask your pain for some time by blocking the brain receptors from receiving pain signals from the body. Eventually, the person feels good and free from pain leading towards physical dependence or addiction.[irp]

Don’t you think this is like consumption of heroin and how the patients need to have some shots of it multiple times in a single day to feel better as they are addicted to it? Let’s just move on and talk about McGill University’s biggest research study on how painkillers are causing more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined. What exactly the research team did was that they collected stats of deaths caused by consumption of heroin and cocaine from various top sources. They then collected data on deaths from painkillers and compared the two.  Some key findings and points were published in the American Journal of Public health, which we are mentioning as follows;

The United States and Canada are leading, topping the list with first and second position, where its population consumes highest quantities of opioids (painkillers) per capita. Over 16,000 deaths were reported in the United States in 2010 resulting from painkillers. Such individuals don’t just consume one or two tabs; instead, they take it in the maximum dose to obtain a euphoric state. If this is well known by the doctors, they must be taking some precaution

The Centre for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) reported that over 12 million individuals were found to consume painkillers without a valid prescription. Most of them were just taking it to feel high. It is also reported that in 50% of cases there is some other drug involved too, mostly alcohol or any other pharmaceutical pill. It is very well evident from research, results, and statistics that the issue is quite serious.[irp]

Besides the seriousness of this issue and consumption of painkillers in large quantities, it is seen that the drug system in States is very messed up. Several individuals are arrested, looked upon and imprisoned for consuming marijuana and cocaine and different missions being planned for cracking these drug consumers, nothing is done to stop the painkiller addiction. These medical management societies just turn a blind eye towards this issue which is more serious than those cocaine and heroin addicts.

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