SR 50,000 reward for the female security guard who saved 7 from the fire

Some people are just natural born heroes; they possess the courage and strength to save others when they are in peril, while not giving one thought about their personal safety and health. Whether it’s in the workplace or it is out in public, it is a joy (guilty) to see one human being help another in their time of need or when they are in danger. These heroes often disappear into the crowd after doing their heroic deeds and the authorities are unable to find them to reward them for their bravery. However, it is great when we hear that some brave human has been rewarded for their selfless act of courage and heroism.[irp]

Mohammad Al-Sheikh, who is the Acting Health Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has honored a female security guard who worked at the Tabuk Hospital. This female security guard saved the lives of around 7 patients when a terrible fire erupted in the Hospital. Minister Mohammad Al-Sheikh, on his first day as Minister, honored the brave woman, Widad Al Atwi, by receiving her and her father at his office in Riyadh. The brave woman was awarded a cash award of SAR 50,000 and a certificate of appreciation for her brave gesture which saved the lives of many.

The hospital was said to be engulfed in thick black smoke, however, despite the great amount of smoke which filled the building, the brave women worked tirelessly and courageously to evacuate as many patients as she could. She, however, fell down unconscious owing to severe exhaustion which caused her to be hospitalized for a couple of days. The brave security guard, Widad Al Atwi, and her father were both given first class tickets to fly out to Riyadh in comfort and style to attend the honoring ceremony for the brave woman. The father and daughter were received at the airport by key government officials and were also provided a 5-star hotel accommodation for the duration of their stay in Riyadh.

Along with the cash reward, the Minister of Health Mohammad Al-Sheikh also promised the brave female security guard that she would be allotted a permanent job, in the security company she worked in, as a contractual employee. It should be noted that the area where the female Guard Al Atwi was posted was housed by senior patients well above the age of 70, and hence most of the patients she saved were all elderly women.[irp]

In these times, it is rare that we see someone helping another human being selfless. Often we see someone in need or someone in danger on the street and not all of us step in to help them out. So, it is a great pleasure to see someone as selfless and brave as the female security guard to be rewarded for her heroic act. This just might motivate other people to be human and help other human beings in need or in danger.

Source: Arab News

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