No Family Visas for Bangladeshis living in Saudi Arabia

Since the time I have been following the Saudi rules, I have noticed that the visa rules for Bangladeshi residents have always been on the stricter side. There was a long ban on issuing visas to Bangladeshis residents which are removed on April 20, 2015. They were not allowed to transfer their sponsorship to any other sponsor for a long time. The relaxation was given to them during 2013 amnesty period given by King Abdullah. I am not sure if they can still transfer their sponsorship to any other sponsor. If any Bangladeshi brother is reading this article, I would request to please comment to let me know if Bangladeshis can transfer their sponsorship to any other sponsor.[irp]

Bangladeshis were not allowed to bring their families on Family Visit Visa or permanent family Visa. All of us know about this from a long time. Last month, when Ministry of Interior launched the online process to apply for a permanent family visa, there was a ray of hope among Bangladeshi residents. They were thinking that with the introduction of the new system of applying for permanent family visas, they would be able to bring their families to Saudi Arabia. However, all their wishes went into the river when they found that even the name of country Bangladesh is not there in the list of countries whose citizens can be called to Saudi Arabia on a permanent family visa. You can check this on the above image.

How can you call Bangladeshi Families to Saudi Arabia? Even if family visas are not available to Bangladeshi residents, still there is a way they can call their families to Saudi Arabia. If your family is Muslim, you can still call them on Umrah visa and spend some golden time together. Obviously, it is not a long term solution but it is better than nothing. As I discussed above, the Saudi government has lifted the ban on work visa processing of Bangladeshi citizens last week. We can hope that our Bangladeshi residents will be given this opportunity soon to bring their families to Saudi Arabia.

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