Medical Test for Pregnant Woman to process Saudi Visa

In order to process the visa from your home country, you will have to go through the medical examination from the laboratories approved by the Saudi Embassy. The result of the medical report is automatically updated with the system in the Saudi Embassy with your passport. If the outcome of the report is negative, your visa will not be processed. You can further read about the List of Medical Tests for Saudi Visa. However, if you are pregnant, the procedure is a little different. The procedure of medical test for Saudi Visa for pregnant woman and list of medical tests for Saudi Visa for pregnant woman are explained below.[irp]

NOC from Saudi Embassy for Pregnant Woman: In the case of pregnancy an N.O.C. (No Objection Certificate) from Saudi Embassy is required by the medical center to exempt the applicant from radioactive exposure. You will need to take the NOC form from the agent or Etimad Centre (in Pakistan). After filling NOC form (Available at Etimad) and Attaching the MOFA VISA copy and ultrasound report with it. They will send your documents for NOC. IT takes 5 to 7 days for them to retrieve NOC for you. After this, your wife can go for a medical test with the NOC which will exempt your wife from exposure to any radiology.

Wasim Ahmed Chaudhary:  I want to share my experience here. All you have to do is available someone to visit Saudi embassy with last scan report. They will issue a certificate on the same day. In my case, my brother in law went there and gets it done on the same day without spending a single penny. On the other hand, one of the agents asked me PKR 4,000 for the same task.

List of Medical Tests for Pregnant Woman: “I would like to share with people if anyone bringing wife on residence visa and if she is pregnant so no need to be confused or fear about medical checkup as it is very easy Alhamdulillah. They only need a blood test and urine test and eye checkup. They do not require X-Ray if the wife is pregnant. But they will do this fit report until the 7th month later they won't let to issue medical fit for visa stamping”.

Aitzaz: Below is an image from a recent medical test conducted at an approved medical center for a pregnancy positive candidate; this report was requested by GAMCA Islamabad, Pakistan. It outlines the kind of tests required by G.C.C. countries these days. (28-April-2015)

Shoman: I have an update regarding the Visa Process through Etimad Pakistan. Saudi Consulate is not accepting individuals to submit a letter on behalf of any female relative or sister whose visa is going to be endorsed in the case of if she is pregnant. You have to go to Etimad and give Doctor's letter stating that how many weeks she is pregnant and submit to Etimad then Etimad will submit it to Saudi Consulate and then from 2 to 10 days you Etimad will call you to receive the NOC from Saudi consulate and then you can go to GAMCA nominated medical center to do your medical without X-RAY. BUT what actually happened with us I am going to tell my fellow members so they prepare themselves before they go to Etimad.

We went there with our doctor's letter with signed and stamped and they told us that they (Etimad) will give us the call when they receive NOC from Saudi consulate. We waited for 8 WORKING days and then go by ourselves to Etimad to know what happened with our NOC. They kept us waiting for 2 hours because they said that they are searching for it. After 2 hours they found our letter and told us that they have objection that we need to submit the proof as well with the letter (Ultrasound). Now we will go to approved medical lab of Saudi Embassy to undergo the ultrasound and submit this report to Saudi Embassy through Etimad Centers.

Fit to Fly Certificate: Aitzaz: Yeah, this is another requirement for pregnant women. People just pass through this one by telling the boarding staff that they aren't pregnant while they are. But, it's a good idea to let them know and when you do, they ask for a certificate (basically a signed and stamped declaration by any doctor outlining the gestation week, whether singleton/multiple, complicated/uncomplicated, and if the said candidate is fit to fly throughout the whole journey.

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