14 Everyday food items that may cause cancer

My mother passed away from this world due to cancer. It was late 1990’s and we used to treat cancer an incurable disease that time. I can still remember the way she used to scream due to her pain and how I thanked God the day she passed away as it was an end to her pains. With passing time, the number of cancer patients is increasing and the reason is still unknown. Perhaps the reason might be in food which you eat, so it is time to look up for carcinogens in your everyday food to protect yourself from being a victim. Here is a list of foods which might prove to be cancerous for you.[irp]

Soda: Excessive sugary sodas are bad for your health as it can shoot your sugar levels leading to insulin resistance and inflammation. It also causes GERD. They have artificial color and flavorings predisposing you to cancer. 

Alcohol: Alcohol, after tobacco is the leading cause of cancer. Excessive consumption leads to various sorts of cancers including esophageal, mouth, liver, and rectum and breast cancers. It is important to mention here that drinking Alcohol is ban in Saudi Arabia. We have written a detailed article on this topic which can be read in this link “Drinking Alcohol (Liquor) in Saudi Arabia

Microwave popcorn:  The easy peasy popcorns which you pop in your microwave in 2 minutes are not good for your health. The packaging contains chemical named perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which when heated I the microwave is cancerous to lab animal’s ad works as a toxin. Soybean Oil is a major ingredient usually with propyl gallate as a preservative which may cause stomach problem and allergies.

Non-organic fruits: Non-organic fruits may be treated with pesticides, nitrogen fertilizers and contain third carb, organophosphates, and numerous carcinogens. Atrazine causes infertility problems in humans whose actual function is weed killing. These fruits are also hormone-treated to make them grow earlier. Oranges, strawberries, and grapes usually have pesticide residues.

Processed Canned food: Bisphenol-A used in the lining of cans is not good for health. Research shows that this ingredient has deleterious effects on humans as well as animals. Due to the high acidity of tomatoes, BPA creeps inside these tomatoes, making them poisonous. Similarly, processed flour is chemically bleached to look white containing so many carcinogens.

Processed meat: People consuming processed meat, which is treated with excessive chemicals and salts, die earlier than those who don’t. Numerous preservatives such as sodium nitrates in it prove to be fatal.

Salmon: Farmed salmon is harmful because of its carcinogenic feed including pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and various carcinogens for good color purpose.  Studies show they have high levels of mercury and dioxins.

Potato chips: These crispy, tasty, attractive potato chips are high in fats, calories, and sodium causing excessive weight gain and blood pressure issues. Together with preservatives and artificial flavors, they are fried which produces a carcinogen named acrylamide.

Hydrogenated Oils: Such oils with excessive omega 6 can cause various types of cancers. Omega3 and omega6 should be balanced always.

GMOs: Genetically modified organisms are foods which are chemically treated. Such foods damage the immune system, causes pre-cancerous cell growth, converting natural good bacteria in our body to bad ones increasing susceptibility to cancers.

Refined Sugar: They spike insulin levels and serve as food for cancerous cells.

Artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners increase more sweet cravings. Some might contain aspartame which causes convulsions, and breakdown into a toxin called DKP. It usually is the reason for brain tumors.

Diet and frozen food: Such foods have artificial color, preservatives, excess sodium and chemicals which are not safe to eat.

Red meat: A study shows that long-term consumption of red meat leads to colon cancer. You can have it but in moderate quantity only.

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