King Salman, one of the top 100 influential leaders of the World

According to the Times Magazine, The Monarch of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, has been listed as one of the top most 100 influential leaders in the entire world. This nomination in the list of 100 most influential people came on the basis of King Abdullah of Jordan’s article on King Salman. King Abdullah of Jordan, amongst other praises, wrote that very few heads of state or leaders have the tradition and history of statesmanship which is held by King Salman of Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah of Jordan also stated that King Salman carries the best traditions of leadership which is vital for a great leader and is one of the most qualified individuals to lead the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to great heights in the future.[irp]

King Salman has been well documented by the media building better relations between most countries around the world, especially Muslim countries. His vision for Saudi Arabia is sure to take the Kingdom, to heights which have never been seen before. A true visionary leader King Salman has already proven his skills and statesmanship by making progress in the Kingdom in infrastructure and close relations with the citizens of His Country.

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, and King of Bahrain, Hamad Bin Isa, had a meeting on Thursday, during which the two kings discussed and reviewed the close and brotherly relations that existed between the countries. During the talks, the two kings also discussed possibilities of joint development in their region. King Salman and King Hamad met for a brief while prior to the formal lunch that had been hosted by King Salman, for the dignitaries and the King of Bahrain. The formal lunch was held at the Al-Ouija Palace in Diriyah, which is on the outskirts of Riyadh. The grand formal banquet was attended by many princes and senior officials, which included the Crown Prince Muqirin Bin Abdulaziz, the deputy premier Prince Turki Al Faisal and the emir of Riyadh Prince Faisal bin Bandar.

In his opening statement, King Hamad emphasized on the effort, determination and the initiatives taken by King Salman and two these initiatives had been vital to peace and security in the region. The King of Bahrain added that these efforts by the King of Saudi Arabia were a part of the pioneering and ongoing leadership which has been played, King Salman. King Hamad of Bahrain was extremely keen and committed to maintaining the close ties and brotherly affection that the two countries and their people held towards one another.[irp]

Later, in the day, The King of Bahrain was seen at Riyadh airport where he had been accompanied by King Salman to personally see the King of Bahrain off. Along with King Salman, the Crown Prince Muqrin, Prince Muhammad Bin Naïf, Prince Faisal, the deputy crown prince and minister of interior Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, the minister of National Guard Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah, and several other senior officials and princes accompanied King Hamad to his departure from Riyadh airport.

Source: Time Magazine

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