9 Tips for your Phone safety while connecting with a Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become the equivalent of oxygen for our computing and social networking needs. Long gone are the days of wired internet, although it is still done in some offices today, which was much safer than Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connections can now be virtually found anywhere and most people believe that Wi-Fi connections are secure and they have nothing to worry about, however, such is not the case. Here are some tips to safely utilize Wi-Fi connections especially in public places;[irp]

1-Public Wi-Fi users should always have device security set up on their mobile phones. Many devices, especially Android, are open to malicious viruses. It is also advisable to switch off your wireless connections when you are not using the internet. Antivirus applications can also help defend your device against viruses.

2-If you do not want to be a victim of a hacker, it is best to use unique and strange passwords which are lengthy and contain both alphabets and numbers. This will make it harder for the hacker to crack your password and obtain all your data.

3-It is very important to confirm from the hotel or café whether the network belongs to them or not and if it is secure or not. There have been reports of hackers using fake hotel Wi-Fi names to hack into the accounts of the guests.

4-Beware of pop-up windows. One should avoid clicking on these windows as they are generally known to contain viruses that can seriously harm your computer or any other device.

5-These days nearly everyone with a smartphone has a data plan. This data plan network has been secured by the telecom company whose services you are taking.  This enables them to be more secure than Wi-Fi hotspots.

6-It is generally advisable not to have auto connect features off on your devices as they can sometimes connect to an unsecured network which allows any hacker to view your personal information.

7-Bluetooth should remain switched off while not in use. Although Bluetooth attachments make our lives easier, they can also allow someone to connect to your Bluetooth and access your phone.

8-Don’t leave your phone out of sight for even a moment, in bars or cafes it can take a moment for someone to take your phone and either break into it or steal it and later break into it. In public places make sure nobody is peeping over your shoulder into your phone while you put in passwords or account details.

9-While using a public Wi-Fi, make sure you do not access accounts which require you to put in personal information. It is also advisable not to surf any sites that you would not want to become public knowledge. If one follows these steps it is highly unlikely that someone could access their phone, even if they tried to. Travelers’ personal information will also remain safe from hackers who specifically target tourists

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