10 Unbelievable Realities and Facts about Bermuda Triangle

You must have heard about this tale that if an airplane flies above the Bermuda triangle, it disappears. Well, this is not just a tale; thousands of people went in quest of exploring the reality but never came back. The Bermuda triangle’s story had been a mystery from almost forever. It is towards the west of the North Atlantic Ocean but the exact place is not known yet. It is famous for how air and sea crafts disappear mysteriously as if the triangle gobbled them up inside. Dozens of incidents came in light but I am damn sure many of you are unaware of the following mysterious yet shocking facts which I am revealing in the text below.[irp]

1-Bermuda triangle is among the two mysterious places or regions where the compass fails. Yes! It stops pointing towards the actual north and goes funny in all directions. That is also the reason of people disappearing and going missing as you need to compensate yourself for the loss of direction.

2-Bermuda triangle covers an area of 500,000 square miles of ocean which is an area (almost 25% of the total area of Saudi Arabia which includes deserts as well)

3-In the past 100 years, it took 1000 lives because of disappearance or improper navigation.

4-Almost all of us know that Bermuda Triangle is an area in the ocean but very few of you know that it is also called the Devil’s Triangle, Devil’s Sea and The Hoodoo Sea.

5-Christopher Columbus was the first one who gives us hints about this triangle when he went on his first voyage for discovering a new world, perhaps he was the only one to escape the region well. People took that for granted and considered it rumor only. He reported unusual events for the first time over there where his compass behaved a bit funny and he saw unusual lights blinking in the region.

6-There is no debris or remains of the ship, craft or even human body after an incident in the Bermuda triangle. Why is that so? It is because the Gulf Stream runs the triangle, which quickly gets rid of the remains leaving no sign of any incident and the entire thing goes missing.

7-The biggest and the famous incident of all times in relation to this Bermuda triangle is the disappearance of the whole aircraft in December 1945. The compass malfunctioned and the plane, Flight 19 went entirely missing. Even the 5 aircraft, who went to search for it, disappeared mysteriously with no sign of them at all. In this incident, 6 planes and 27 men went missing. It was said that it seemed they went to Mars because there was no sign or evidence of them. Recommended: 5 Incidents when Aircrafts went missing flying upon Bermuda Triangle

8-There are various theories and concepts for this triangle and the incidents. Some say it is due to bad weather in that region. Theories like Sea Monsters, reverse gravity, wormhole, magnetic anomalies, the lost city of Atlantis and much more came up but none of them solved this mystery.

9-The Bermuda triangle’s mystery includes one more mystery which is its location. There is no proper boundary or area demarcated which is another mysterious point.

10-The three points of the triangle roughly mark Puerto Rico, Florida, and Bermuda.

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