7 Healthy and long lasting benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers

Breastfeeding is a part of your motherhood, though no doubt there might be some problems in the start when you are new to it has its own significance. It is a natural procedure. It might prove to be difficult but once you get hold of it, you are all ready to go. During the process, you might just get tired, end it up, take a nursing bottle and feed your baby, but our wise advice is that just don’t give up so early. People around you might attract you towards the easiness of using nursing bottles but once you know the benefits you get through breastfeeding, that is surely going to motivate you. For this, you need to know how breastfeeding proves to be good for not only your baby but for your health as well. There are benefits of breastfeeding for babies and mothers. Following are the advantages you get, which you might not know. So yes, this is the right time! Have a look.[irp]

Less susceptibility to breast cancer: The most common thing medically these days in women of all ages is the prevalence of breast cancer. A breastfeeding woman has very fewer chances for breast cancer. The chances are about 25% less than those who don’t breastfeed. This probability is inversely proportional to passing time which means the more months you breastfeed your baby the fewer chances you have of breast cancer.

Aids in post-partum weight loss: When compared to formula feeding mothers, breastfeeding mothers are shown to lose more weight and reduce the hip circumference within one month of the postpartum period. These women return to their pre-pregnant weight very quickly. So, who wouldn’t want to be back in shape that early?

Fewer chances of uterine and ovarian cancers: Most of you might not know that estrogen hormone levels are very less during lactation (breastfeeding). This produces a cancer-fighting effect. Less estrogen means less stimulation to the uterine lining and less trigger to breast tissues, reducing the chances for these tissues to become cancerous.

Reduced chances of osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a gaining concept especially with increasing age. A woman who breastfeeds has very fewer chances for it, about four times less susceptibility to osteoporosis. Women who don’t breastfeed very commonly suffer from hip fractures in their post-menopausal period.

Natural child spacing: During breastfeeding, the mother undergoes the process of ovulation less than a non-breastfeeding woman. This helps in practicing natural child spacing according to her wish. This infertility depends on breastfeeding woman and her baby.

Emotionally healthy: Breastfeeding proves to be healthy for a mother’s body as well as her mind and soul. Researchers proved that there are less postpartum depression and anxiety among breastfeeding women than non-breastfeeding ones.

Breastfeeding is economical: About SR 10,000 is spent on formulas to feed your baby. When compared this to a breastfeeding woman, keeping in mind the increasing food prices, she will still save at least half of it along with all the benefits given above.

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