4 dangerous effects on human body for sleeping with your mobile

If you cannot sleep, try this simple trick; switch off your mobile phones and keep them in another room. According to surveys conducted, 80 percent of us don’t switch off our cellular devices while going to bed and almost 40 percent of us use it as an alarm clock. Regarding this, experts claim that sleep is very likely to get disturbed and we do not get the needed restoration of our body and mind, during sleep. This is a major cause of sleeping problems or insomnia. Insomnia specialist at the Sleep School in London, Dr. Guy Meadows claims that people sleep better when they don’t have any electronic devices in their room.[irp]

1-The main issue is the light which is produced by out cell phone screens as it interferes with our body’s natural rhythm and allows our body to think it is still day time, according to Charles Czeisler, who is a professor, at Harvard University, for Sleep Medicine. The cells that are sensitive to light, tell our body what time it is. These cells are controlled by the light in our retinas. This manages the release of melatonin hormone, which makes us sleepy and cortisol hormone, which is known as the walking hormone.

2-A vibration or flash of light from your phone could wake you up and make you fully conscious if it occurs during the wrong moment. This is so because our brain is wired to look out for danger. If you check your phone after the light or vibration, then cognitive functions also become active which were dormant during your sleep.

3-A cellular device works by sending signals to a base station, in the form of radio waves. This type of electromagnetic activity can affect the electrical system and its activity in our brain, during sleep.

4-A total of 11 studies were done on the issue of Mobile Phone Exposure in King’s College, London. These studies have participants who were exposed to radiation or a placebo radiation during their sleep. When questioned about their sleep, none felt any difference than their normal sleep. This, however, cannot rule out the effects of electro sensitivity in relation to sleep. These effects of electro sensitivity are devastating but are apparently not what cause the disturbance in our sleep. Contradicting this is Professor Malcolm Sperrin, who is the director of medical physics at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. He states that there is enough evidence on the internet which shows you radiation from your phone can harm your body, which in turn harms your sleep. He also states that during charging the radiations are at their worst, as they are connected to an unlimited power source, which greatly intensifies the strength of the radiation and thus the total area which the radiation covers. Although the experts have different opinions on the topic, all agree to the fact that keeping your phones close by while sleeping is not a good idea.

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