7 Life lasting benefits of Breastfeeding for Babies

Breastfeeding is a part of your motherhood, though no doubt there might be some problems in the start when you are new to it has its own significance. It is a natural procedure. It might prove to be difficult but once you get hold of it, you are all ready to go. During the process, you might just get tired, end it up, take a nursing bottle and feed your baby, but our wise advice is that just don’t give up so early. As we mentioned in our previous article, benefits of breastfeeding for mothers, it is quite evident that the baby equally benefits from it. Breastfeeding protects your baby and no doubt it is the best choice for them! Following are the benefits that your baby gets when you breastfeed them.[irp]

The Ideal Nutrition: Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for newborn babies. It contains all types of vitamins and nutrients which are needed by your baby for higher proper growth and nourishment. It has a perfect blend of vitamins, proteins, and fats. It is very easily digested by the baby because it is naturally made to do so as compared to the infant milk formulas.

Protection from illness: Breast milk works as a natural protective fluid for your baby as it contains various fighting agents including antibodies to fight various bacteria and viruses. There are fewer infections and if by chance the baby is affected, they recover fast if breastfed for first 6 months. Diseases like childhood leukemia and severe eczema are easily avoided if breastfed. So, think before you put them on ready milk formulas.

Protection from Allergies and Ear Infections: Breastfeeding plays a major role in protecting your baby from various allergies and asthma. If breastfed exclusively they have very few chances of getting cold, cough, ear and chest infections, respiratory illness and chances of diarrhea. In short, they have fewer trips to doctor.

Emotional Bonding: Breastfeeding releases oxytocin in mother’s body which changes the maternal behavior drawing child closer to her. It helps in forming an intimate bond between the mother and child. The skin to skin touch, feel, and eye contact makes your baby feel secure and loves you more. It is best for your baby’s comfort as they love being held by mother and cuddle in her arms. It satisfies the baby’s emotional needs.

Correct weight: It is through breastfeeding which helps your baby to achieve the correct amount of body weight and prevents from being abnormally overweight. Breastfed babies have a proper eating pattern which helps them follow a healthier lifestyle and prevent obesity. Formula milk has additives and insulin which proves to be harmful to their growth. This also prevents weight-related problems in later life for example type II diabetes.

Boosting Intelligence: Breast milk contains long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids which help achieve cognitive development and increase the IQ level of your baby. Intelligence tests and studies show that babies who are breastfed have higher IQ levels than those who are not proving that they have strong brain powers.

Lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): Through various researches and studies it is proved that breastfeeding babies have very low chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is concluded that exclusive breastfeeding in the first month, reduces the risk to half. It is not only best for your baby but for the mother as well as we mentioned in our previous article! We know you will always choose the best for your child.

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