What to do if Passport is Lost in a Third Country during Traveling?

When you travel outside Saudi Arabia, your only identity is your Passport. It is a nightmare (in fact I don’t even want to have this situation in nightmare) of losing your passport when you are traveling to a third country. If you are in your own country, you know the procedure of applying for a new passport. If you lose your passport during your stay in Saudi Arabia, we have already explained the procedure in detail “What to do if Passport is Lost in Saudi Arabia?”  Mr. Ali has shared with us his experience when he lost his passport in the third country. I appreciate his effort as his experience will help many others.[irp]

What I did after losing my Passport in Third Country – An Experience

Ali: The process was too long that I wanted to post a detailed blog on your site. Since it is a matter of urgency, here is a quick fix which you can share with the person in trouble. Good luck and best wishes, hope this situation doesn’t occur with anyone else because it is painful and a huge financial loss especially if you are traveling in Europe! One who loses passport in a third country must follow this procedure;

Get the Police reports stating that your passports were stolen, in my case it was the Paris Police which made that report.

Go to your country's embassy in Paris, apply for the new passport. (My country's embassy took 2 weeks to make the new passport).

Go to Saudi Consulate in that city/country with the following documents.

  • Enjaz application form filled with a photograph.Enazit.com.sa
  • Original New Passports
  • One Passport Size Photograph
  • Photocopy of your iqama.
  • Photocopy of your previous passport.
  • Photocopy of Saudi Visa on your previous passport.
  • Pay the $10.50 fee on Enjaz website
  • A letter from the company to that consulate stating employee name, iqama #, his date of joining, his monthly salary and that he is still required for the company. In the case of dependents, only the above is required and no need for any letter from the company.
  • A print out from muqeem.com.sa which shows that your iqama is still valid (your HR must have an access to it). In case your HR doesn’t have access to muqeem.com.sa somebody from your office (government relations officer) can go to the passport office to collect that information.

Submit these documents to the Saudi consulate and they will take their process time to stamp the new visa on your new passports. In my case, they did it within 1 hour.

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