Top 5 Best Selling Cars in Saudi Arabian Markets

Anyone who has only read about Saudi Arabia through online media thinks that everyone in Saudi Arabia has a supercar. Although many supercars are driven in the country by the elite, there is also a high demand for other cars in the region, which are not as grand as supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche. These cars which include brands like Toyota and Hyundai are generally known as the most commonly used cars in South Asia and dominate the market for the most number of cars sold in the Kingdom. New car sale in Saudi Arabia has been making their way up towards millions of units annually, with 2014 experiencing a 10% rise in new car registrations. As expected, Toyota has dominated over all other brands by retaining its no.1 spot over many years, with 36% of the total market share. The following cars are the top 5 cars being sold in Saudi Arabia;

Toyota Hilux: The Toyota Hilux has retained its previous position as the most sold car in the Kingdom, although the sales have dropped by a minor amount. The Hilux is famous worldwide for its durability and reliability and is mostly used in places where roads network is not proper or completely paved. The durability of the Toyota Hilux was displayed in an episode of BBC’s show Top Gear when they placed a Hilux on top of a building and then demolished the building through planned explosives. The Hilux, although roughed up quite badly, could start when it was recovered from the rubble.

Toyota Corolla: The Toyota Corolla is the second most sold car in the region, however, it is the highest selling car in Pakistan. The corolla like many other Toyotas is renowned for its durability, ground clearance, and excellent fuel average. Corollas from as far back as the 70s are still running on the roads in Pakistan, today. Spare parts and repairs are also extremely affordable for the Corolla.

Hyundai Elantra: Hyundai Elantra comes in at the third position in highest sold car in the region. The Korean based company also releases the same car as Hyundai Avante in some regions. This car is preferred by single people or small families due to the compact size of the car. The reasonable engine sizes starting from 1.6l to 2.0l allow excellent fuel average for those who have distant journeys regularly.

Toyota Yaris:  This car comes in at no.4 on this list, and is one of the most reliable compact cars in the world. Sold under names such as the Belta and Vitz in various regions, this car is perfect for use within the city. The car comes in small engine sizes starting from 1.0L in some regions to 1.5L worldwide.[irp]

Toyota Camry: This car is last but not the least on this list as it offers great comfort and luxury far beyond any car listed above. It is used not only in Saudi Arabia, but is used by executives in south Asia, and is given high regard for their durability, style and comfort. The car comes in 2.4L to 3.0L V6 and has a slightly higher consumption of fuel in comparison to the other cars on this list.