9 Tips to survive a possible terror attack in a Shopping Mall

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has played a significant role in the war against terrorism. Since its active participation had gained such widespread international following, militant factions and groups, such as Daesh or ISIS, Al Qaeda and now Houthi, have tried to target the Kingdom. The Kingdom is also a vital strategic ally to the United States. These terrorists have attempted a few attacks but were defeated swiftly by Saudi security forces. There has been intelligence news circulating in media that there might be another attack in either a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia or one of the Oil fields.[irp]

The Interior Ministry spokesman, Mansour Turki, stated in a press conference on Monday that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has put their security forces on high alert after a possible terror plot has come to light, which may involve either the oil installations or a shopping mall. The spokesman said that the ministry does not yet know where the threat has originated from but is working on it day and night. Even though the security forces, the intelligence agencies, and any other concerned authority might be doing a brilliant job at protecting their country’s citizens, however, it is also every citizen’s duty to be sharp and alert during times of threat and hence play a vital part in stopping these terror plots. Terrorist attacks usually aim for densely populated areas to conduct their attacks. This densely populated area, could be anywhere in public.[irp]

1-Citizens should be wary of any suspicious activity that might be going on around them. This is the most important thing to do, in such times, as it has proven to be extremely effective, as people have called in suspicious behavior and have stopped great terror plots in their tracks. These people can be anywhere and wait for the right time to strike.

2-People should also try their best to avoid public places. This can include the park, festivals, Shopping Malls (since the terrorists have specified) and any markets which may be congested.

3-Returning back to the first point, many people believe that they are being paranoid while might be right in guessing suspicious activity. Some people might also think that calling in the police or the helpline will land them in trouble. You should not hesitate to call the security forces, which are there solely to serve and protect their nation and report any activity that you might find suspicious. Helpline number of Saudi Police is 999.

4-The point here is to leave the safety of your house on a need – to basis only. If you do plan on going to public places like parks or the shopping mall, do not be surprised to see more security officers than usual. These security officials are there for your own security, and if they are searching your bag or frisking you, that is also for your own safety. Be wary of those people who resist or hesitate to allow their belongings or clothing to be checked.

5-In times like these, it is also best to socialize in the safety of your own homes or your friend’s or colleague's home. Going out to restaurants and cafes might also involve a risk which you are better off not taking. In the end, I wish everyone in the Kingdom good luck and be safe.

6-Lock down your cars while you leave them outside your home. There is a possibility that someone can leave explosive material in your car which may cause damage to you and others.

7-Don’t give a lift to any stranger in your car while you are going anywhere. You don’t know about his background.

8-If you leave you handbag or any other material even for few second on a bench or any other public place, check it before taking it away.

9-Pray for the safety of your residents from Allah. This country is the backbone of Islam and we don’t want it to be the victim of terrorism. May Allah save all of us!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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