5 Disadvantages of taking flight on a low budget Airline

Some may feel that low-budget airline has gotten them a good deal on their trip, especially those who travel a lot. However, it is not how it looks as there are certain drawbacks which reduce the “Good Deal” which you thought you received. It is always crucial to do your research when taking a new airline and one should see if the pros are more than the cons. Here is a list of common Pros and Cons found in Low-budget airline;[irp]

Benefits of Low-budget airlines: Passengers always enjoy the low prices which help save a lot of money for tourists and frequent flyers. Your travel costs can reportedly be cut down 50 to 80 percent if you choose low-budget airlines and book early. These Low-budget airlines frequently start promotion deals which allow travelers to enjoy further discounts on the already low prices of the airlines. Travelers should check the website of the airlines regularly will help you find new deals as they are started, and you can also manage all your bookings without your travel agent.

Some airlines who are offering low fares are usually doing so because they have newer planes or they are in the process of re-fleeting their entire airline and adding newer model airplanes for their passengers. Passengers can thus make use the latest in technology in the lowest of prices. Passengers, who travel one way, pay half of the low set fare for the airlines. Some airlines even charge you exactly half the rate and not extra for a single ways flight. This can be helpful in not getting your money stuck in the form of your return ticket. For those passengers who have their schedule pre-planned, they can book flights in nonpeak hours or red eye flights as the prices are even lower during these flights.[irp]

Disadvantages of Low-budget airlines

1-There have been many instances where passengers have booked a supposed low fare flight; however, they have not been informed that they have only paid a portion of the total package. There may be taxes or added expenses which the travelers might not consider and these often increase the cost of your journey greatly. Hence it is important to verify the total cost.

2-Many low-budget airlines only sell return tickets. The cost of these will be the same or even greater than getting a regular one-way ticket. This can be a problem for those with an indefinite return date.

3-Most low-budget airlines have limitations on the number of routes they do and their flight times are usually during non-peak hours. Some people also do not realize upon their booking, that they have booked a chance seat which may be delayed or canceled.

4-Almost all low-budget airlines do not offer a refund on your ticket. These airlines also charge a great sum to reschedule your flight which drives the cost up to the same as a regular ticket. Be sure to schedule your flight time properly.

5-Some airlines charge extra for checking-in your luggage and do not allow carry-on luggage, this is another hidden cost which increases the cost of your travels.

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