7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Saudi Arabia

Who doesn’t love online shopping? Getting your favorite brands, at special online discounted prices, that too without moving from the comfort of your own bed. The first time I heard of this, I was sold.

Every person living in Saudi Arabia, who has at least one encounter with the great postal service, knows that it is a process engulfed with hassles, refunds, and disputes, especially when it comes to online shopping.

After spending some time in the Kingdom, I have shortlisted the best online shops that deliver in Saudi Arabia. These online stores have been evaluated according to their prices, customer service and the variety of options that they offer.

It is important to remember that the most reliable way of shipping anywhere is courier shipping which is traceable, and if it is not offered one should not take the risk through regular post.

01-Souq: This is the place for all electronic tech junkies. The Souq.com is owned by the tech giant Amazon. It will sell you anything ranging from home appliances to cameras.

They also have the newest models in stock, and the best part is, they offer payment on delivery, which is pretty neat. Basically, a techie’s heaven. It is undoubtedly the market leader in online selling in Saudi Arabia.

02-Jarir Bookstore: Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia does not need any introduction. They are known for their high-quality products. Almost all the things available here are available at a price which is 10% to 15% higher than the market price but still, people prefer to buy from them.

The reason is the unconditional guarantee which they offer. They are charging higher price due to their customer service and customer friendly approach.

03-Extra Storesis another good option for online shopping in Saudi Arabia. Many times they offer free delivery to their customers who make orders online. Moreover, there are exclusive promotions on their online shopping which is not available in their stores.

04-Cobone: This is not your typical online shop. If you are looking for deals and coupons that visit this online store now! The site features offer coupons for various retailers which can range from spa packages to car washes etc.

They also offer vacation packages at extremely low prices. It is simple and easy and is a good way to try new restaurants or spas without hesitating to waste money. It is one of those websites where you can use Paypal Balance to make payments.

05-Wadi: They provide a large variety of products on their online stores starting with electronics, watches, fashion items, beauty products, baby care products, toys for kids, home appliances and much more. It is a very good option if you want to buy products at cheap rates.

06-Xcite: There is a good range of electronic products available on this website. The added advantage of the website is that they don't charge for delivery cost. It is one of those websites where you can use Paypal Balance to make payments.

07-Noon: It is a newly launched website in Saudi Arabia which has gained a reasonable market share within no time. The website is well known for its robust delivery.

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