10 Must have Mobile Applications for Survival in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, most of the residents greatly rely on help through apps that make their lives easier. So, it would be in the greatest interest of everyone to download the apps that I am about to inform you about. Smartphones and these apps have become vital to urban survival, and have also made our lives comfortable. The following apps are all highly recommended by several users and should be downloaded;

1-Absher: Absher is the official eService Mobile Application for the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This app is available in both Arabic and English language. We can avail services which are offered by different sectors of the MOI. [irp]

2-MOFA: MOFA Number (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is a compulsory application which is generated from the official website of Foreign Affairs. MOFA is compulsory in order to get Saudi VISA. [irp]

3-Al-Kahraba: In order to get detailed information about your account from Saudi Electricity Company, an Android App is developed for Smartphone users which is named as AL-KAHRABA. [irp]

4-Najm Application: Najm app, is an official company to deal with traffic accidents if anyone of the parties involved in the accident has vehicle insurance. The Services provided by Najm insurance can be easily availed via Najm app. You just need to download it to your phone.

5-Apps for booking Taxi: Taxi has great importance in Saudi Arabia and the majority of the people in Saudi Arabia use a taxi for traveling. From traveling perspective, Uber and Careem apps hold great importance in the Kingdom. 

  • Uber: Uber is a reliable and fast online ride sharing app available 24 hours. If you haven’t used it yet, you can get your first Uber Free Ride following the instructions are given in the link.
  • Careem is also one of the best car bookings and transporting app which is safe and affordable. Whenever you need it or wherever you like to go, considering these apps is the best. If you haven’t used it yet, you can get your first Careem Free Ride following the instructions are given in the link.

6-Best online meal order app: Talabat is the number one app considered in Saudi Arabia for online food delivery. Download the Talabat app on your smartphone which is free and enjoy online food delivery from various restaurants. Besides this, Hellofood and Hunger station apps are also considered great online food providers in Saudi Arabia.[irp]

7-Souq.com: Online Shopping has changed the meaning of shopping in the entire world and Saudi Arabia is not an exception. While living in Saudi Arabia, it is very important to download Souq.com application. Although there are many Online Shopping Websites, Souq.com is leading the market.[irp]

8-Muslim Pro: Remember the line, living on a prayer? It is, in fact, true, as our lives revolve around prayer times. So, it is beneficial to all Muslims to know what times the prayers are at, during the day. It offers the Hijri calendar and offers the Qibla direction according to your geolocation. Every Muslim must go to the App Store and download this app so that they don’t have to ask others about the time of prayers.

9-Google Maps: Google Maps is one of the best navigation apps which is faster and easier. Just, go to the official Google maps app and get the directions. You can download it on iTunes and Google Play following these links.[irp]

10-Bank Apps: Previously we had been using taxi apps to go to the bank. However, now banking can be done from your Smartphone. No longer queues and endless waiting at the banks, which is something that would convince anyone to switch to banking through apps. These apps have allowed us to cut down our daily errands and for that, we are thankful to them

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