10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a land of many beauties. If you ever end up traveling to the Kingdom, be sure to check out some of the most amazing spots that the beautiful country has offered. I have listed them below based on my preferences.  I hope you would like them.

Madain Saleh: If you have time to visit only one place in Saudi Arabia, make sure it is Madain Saleh. Comprising of breathtaking nature and a rich history makes it a prime destination for exploring for many days. The Hejaz railway which was built by the Ottomans also runs through it. Madain Saleh also consists the tombs of ancient Nabatean people. The nearby town of Al-Ula contains a beautiful oasis, an old mud village, and a museum.  The town also consists of the Khutbah tombs. Recommended: 6 things you must know about Madain Saleh before visiting there

Najran: The extremely colorful city of Najran which is located on the border to Yemen offers travelers a mind-blowing and unforgettable experience. The city is full of beautiful architecture and history. It is rated as the most tourist-friendly destination in the kingdom.

Farasan Islands: A favorite diving point for many diving enthusiasts, the Farasan Islands are more than just beaches and sand. The island is home to many breeds of birds and is a frequent spot for many bird watchers. The islands are also littered with historical sites.

Al Soudah: The Al-Soudah area and the Asir National Park are a breezy, lush paradise best when traveled to in the hot months of summer. The park offers trekking paths, campsites, cable cars and a variety of other outdoor activities. This is coupled with unique architecture and amazing people.

Wahba Crater: This volcanic crater is about 700km away from Riyadh towards Taif. The incredible scenery of this place comprises of an oasis, some lava fields and plenty of salt pans. This site is easily accessible on foot and hence provides an unforgettable camping trip.

Al Lith: This is a small town around 275 km south of Jeddah. This is Saudi Arabia’s best diving destination, featuring extremely clear waters and an amazing and abundant marine life.

Taif: This mountain city in Saudi Arabia is famous for its beautiful roses and fragrant rosewater. During the spring season, flowers which cover the whole area achieve full bloom. Taif is an excellent area for mountain climbing and trekking. Recommended: 11 Beautiful places to visit in and around Taif.

The edge of the world: Yes you read that correctly. This place has one of the most exquisite and breathtaking views in Saudi Arabia. the edge of the world, or so it is called, is a part of the Jebel Tuwaiq Escarpment, which in itself runs along an 800km stretch of land. When the horizon is viewed from this point, the edge appears as if the plans keep on going without any end. Recommended: A Visit to the Edge of the World in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Qassim: The towns of Buraidah and Unaizah in the north of the Qassim region, offers a rich cultural history and heritage. Unaizah comprises of ancient farmlands, historical sites, and uniquely exquisite mosques. It also hosts one of the best traditional marketplaces.

The Empty Quarter: Last but not the least is the Empty Quarter. Although the name may suggest it to be an empty place, it is filled with silence, wildlife and tranquility.

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