Check Status of Family Visit Visa on Enjaz

All of us know about the online procedure to apply for family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. If you have applied through this procedure and not getting success in getting family visit visa for your family, there is another way, you can apply for the family visit visa through Istiqdam. Once the visa is issued from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you need to check it on their website from this link “Check Family Visit Visa Application in Saudi Arabia”. Once the visa is approved by the MOFA, you need to hire an agent in Pakistan for the processing of Visa. If your family is in Pakistan, you will have to contact Etimad Center for that and I have explained the procedure in this link “Procedure to Process Family Visit Visa from Etimad Centers in Pakistan”

Once the family has submitted the documents to the agent in your home country, the agent will send the documents to the Saudi Embassy or Saudi Consulate. Now you need to check if the visa has been stamped on the passport so that you can make arrangements to bring them to Saudi Arabia. Just open the Enjaz Website or click on the following link and enter your Details.  Enter the same application number as issued by MOFA, passport number of the applicant and image code. If the visa is stamped by the Saudi Embassy in your home country, following message will appear on your computer screen.

Now you need to make arrangements to bring your family to Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that you need to arrange the return ticket for your family. Although it is not a requirement by the Saudi Authorities still immigration officers in your country will be checking for it. Read here for the further information regarding this topic “Return Ticket for Family Visit Visa”

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