8 Legal ways for Saudi Residents to migrate to Canada

People, especially Saudi Residents love to migrate to other countries for work purpose or exploring new opportunities. Though there is a lot of scope for them within the Kingdom itself, some of them are attracted to other countries, their luxurious lives, beauty, and glory. For that reason, Canada is among those countries where Saudi Residents wish to go but the thing which comes first in mind is the difficult process and formalities to move. Not all options are open for everyone. We have mentioned ways and tips for Saudi Residents to migrate to different countries such as Turkey, New Zealand, USA and many others in our previous articles. Today we will talk about fastest and cheapest ways to migrate to Canada.[irp]

Canadian Immigration: You can apply for Canadian Immigration if you are entitled to it. The procedure to apply for Canadian Immigration has been explained in detail in this article “Procedure to Apply for Canadian Immigration

Visit Visa for Canada: The first, easiest and simplest way to migrate to Canada is to obtain a Visitor visa. It does not mean that you can move permanently over here on this base. Visitor visa allows you to stay for a time of 6 months in the country. It is best when you don’t have a job offer, work permit or any other option for migrating, you can just simply apply for visitor visa. You can then seek for jobs and apply or communicate with the employer while staying in the country. Note that you cannot work when you are on a visitor visa. When you need to visit the country next time, make sure to have a valid reason otherwise they won’t allow you.  Start with the work permit process when you are back in your home country.

Job offer/opportunity: If you are skilled or educated enough, the easiest way to move to Canada is to get a job and work permit. In this regard, you should convince a Canadian employer to grant or offer you a job over a permanent or Canadian resident. Also, if the Canadian employer proves to the Human Resources and Development Canada that no one else was suitable for this job, they can hire a foreign national. If you have connections in Canada, that would be best!

Applying online from overseas: You can apply online and send your resume from overseas. For this as well, it is good if you have contacts in Canada and convey them to help you get in contact with some company hiring foreign nationals for a job or task. You can also search for Canadian programs offered for overseas applicants and have a firm grasp of the requirements and qualifications.

Free trade agreement: Canada signed an agreement with few countries which includes Chile, Peru, Jordan, Liechtenstein, Colombia, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Mexico, USA, Norway, Iceland, Israel and Panama whose citizens can work in Canada without a Labor Market Opinion (LMO). In this case, your company should be Canadian based, or its branch/subsidiary for your intra-company transfer

Spousal Sponsorship: If the other options are not workable, the easiest option is to have a Canadian spouse. This way you can move in permanently getting permanent residence and citizenship. Shh! Let’s keep it a secret because the Canadian immigration officers are keen in catching marriage frauds. They keep an eye on you for a period of at least 2 years to check if the marriage is real or fake, just for the sake of immigration.

IEC or Live-in Caregiver Program: You don’t need a job offer to come to Canada if you belong to the group of certain countries for whom this program is offered. You need to be aged between 18 and 30 years to apply in the IEC program also known as working holiday.  For a high school graduate, the live-in caregiver program is the best opportunity.

Study program: If you can afford there are various educational opportunities offered by Canadian universities. Some of them are the best worldwide.  Go through the list of Provincial Nominee Program and find out which University offers permanent residence after graduation. You usually get a job offer after your graduation where you need to commit that at least you will stay in the country.  Also, note when you are working as a student, that work won’t be counted in your work experience.

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