13 Points where Saudi Husbands are better than European Husbands

This post is a comical comparison of typical Saudi men and their European counterparts, in relevance to them being husbands. They belong to two different cultures which are entirely in contrast to each other. We just tried to compare a Saudi Husband with the husband from Europe. There you have it a post about clichés. I don’t hate Europe, in fact, I am extremely impressed with them having the least corrupt government and the best education system in the world. Also, no one can quite sidewalk ski their cars like the Saudis. See, we all have our strong points. The post below is not to be taken seriously at all and it DOES contain generalized clichés from both cultures. Enjoy…[irp]

1-The Saudi man is romantic; sweet talk is the main trick up his sleeve. The European man does not kiss or talk, not even a peep.

2-When the light bulbs need replacement, the Saudi man calls the electrician for the rescue. The European man replaces all the bulbs, with bulbs that are new.

3-If the wife is having one of those moods, the Saudi man sends her to her mother’s to be pampered. The European man is usually stuck with his wife, and her constant complaints and anger.

4-When the Saudi man arrives at home, he expects a delicious meal. For the European man, this is only a dream.

5-When the wife is out, the Saudi man orders home delivery, means the European man ends up cooking something from the pantry.

6-If the Saudis favorite soccer club loses, he heads to the shisha place to rest. However, the European man is at the bar, getting drunk, screaming that his team is the best.

7-If the Saman's favorite team wins, he calls his friends and shares his happiness from within. The European man will cheer for a bit, and then continue sipping.

8-When the car needs an oil change, the Saudi man will send his driver on the errand while the European man will send his wife, and will ask her to bring snacks for him and his friend.

9-When a child is born, the Saudi man heads to the souk to buy his wife jewelry. However, the European man heads out with the lads for a drink and a bit of chivalry.

10-The Saudi man leaves a trail of clothes every day, for the wife to do laundry while the European man wears the same clothing for a week, regardless if it’s clean or dirty.

11-As soon as the Saudi husband comes home, he wants to relax on the couch while watching soccer and sipping on tea. The European man, however, will be drinking beer and watching ice hockey on the television.

12-If there is a need for plumbing, the Saudi man will call an Indian plumber to sort out the problem. On the other hand, the European man decides to pour vodka down the drain, and hence uses vodka to solve every problem.

13-The Saudi man showers his wife with love, by giving her chocolates, massages, and jewelry. The European husband has done enough for the day after he has fed the kitty.

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