Procedure to Apply for residence and work permit in Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland for work purpose is getting a popular choice these days among the Saudi expats. They prefer it because of the amazing opportunities and high standards of living. Working in Switzerland will help you accomplish your goal of a stable and wealthy dream job! Here in this article, we’ll mention the procedure and tips during applying for residence and work permit in Switzerland by the Saudis.

The Cantonal Migration Offices: The Cantonal Migration Offices is an agency which is responsible for managing and issuing residence permits in Switzerland. These are widely distributed within the country covering different areas. The Federal Office for Migration’s official website will guide you to the list of different Cantonal offices and authorities in your locality for residence in Switzerland. Saudi Arabia is Non-EU National, that is nationals from neither EU member states nor Switzerland itself. That is why Saudis require a residence permit to stay in Switzerland for more than three months. Even EU national require this residence permit. The Swiss authorities grant work and residence permits to a limited number of foreigners and so their policies are a bit strict in this regard. According to the law in 2011, all third-country nationals were supposed to receive a new biometric foreigner’s identity card abiding by the EU regulations. This biometric data consisted of two fingerprints and a passport photograph was stored on the card in an invisible chip which is deleted after five years when the person leaves the country. The residence permits offered by Switzerland to the residents of Saudi Arabia are classified into various categories depending on the reason for migration and the time limit. These categories are as follows;

B-Permit: AB Permit is normally for an EU national which is valid for one year. For Non-EU nationals, it is issued only for specific conditions such as if you are a highly qualified and a trained specialist in a profession where there is currently a shortage of qualified people from Switzerland or the EU.

Permanent residency C Permit: This permit allows foreigners to settle in the country. To qualify for the C permit, Saudis need to live in Switzerland for regular and continuous ten years of their lives. Once they get the right to settle in Switzerland and the residence permit, they are no longer tied to the conditions imposed by their sponsors or work permit restrictions regarding their choice of employer.

Ci Permit: The Ci permit applies only to the family members of applicants working in intergovernmental organizations or foreign representations. These family members are spouses and children up to 25 years of age. A Ci Permit grants the right to work in the country automatically.

G Permit: This is required if someone is seeking for employment in Switzerland. However, their main place of residence is outside the country. Usually, this type of permit is granted to cross-border workers who can visit their homeland on a daily or weekly basis and return for work to Switzerland again. It doesn’t apply to more than five years. It does not entitle you to any residential rights in Switzerland.

Short-term residence permit- L Permit: The L permit is for Job Hunter foreigners who plan to stay in Switzerland for a period of more than three months but no more than a year. This permit can be renewed.  It depends on the length of employment contract

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO APPLY FOR RESIDENCE: Following are the documents which need to be submitted to proceed with your residence permit.

  • Passport or ID card
  • Your employment contract
  • Apartment or residency contract
  • Enough Passport size pictures
  • Certificate issued to you by authorities in your region
  • Letter by authorities in your region
  • Proof of health insurance

WORK PERMIT: There are various formalities, rules and a proper system for obtaining a work permit for citizens from third states that is non-EU nationals. The process is a bit complicated.

Saudis having a job offer in Switzerland is not enough to help them get the work permit. They should have a guaranteed work contract issued by the employer and an appropriate proper work Visa before entering the country. The rules for such citizens are strict and getting a job offer is just an initial step.

A Saudi can have a job in Switzerland only if some other person from the Swiss labor market or an EU or EFTA state is not eligible for that position or cannot be hired. For this, the employer is supposed to prove that they made enough efforts to find some EU or Swiss citizen and prove why the ones who applied were not eligible for it.

Best chances for a work permit are for those with high qualifications like managers and specialists with university degrees or Swiss university degree holder. The process is easier for them.

Teachers, highly qualified scientists, jobs related to art and culture can also be offered to them in certain circumstances.

There is no time limit for this procedure. Generally, if the process is smooth with proper documentation, it can take as little as three weeks otherwise it can last for several months too.

There is a fixed quota on the number of third state nationals to be given work permit subjected to available residence permits.

The employee’s salary and working conditions must be on the local or industry-specific standard for protecting the residents of Switzerland from wage dumping.

The applicant must have enough professional qualifications required for the job to work in Switzerland.

The applicant’s potential is assessed based on various criteria, including age and language skills.

Copies of all qualifications and diplomas must be submitted together with the work permit application.

You should have the authority to work before you enter Switzerland because you cannot enter as a tourist, or for a business trip, and then apply for work. For working purpose, you need to leave Switzerland and apply from your home country.

When you find employment, the employer’s work starts now to seek authorization for your visa from the authorities in Switzerland while you know will be applying for an entry visa in your home country. You will be receiving your residence and work permit when you arrive in Switzerland.

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