7 things to Recycle in Saudi Arabia to keep it clean and green

There are easy and simple ways in which we can make our lives in Saudi Arabia more environmentally friendly. I have put down a list of ways in which all of us can recycle and save the beautiful Saudi nature. The country hosts some of a unique nature and even minor changes may help us preserve the environment. Although it may seem at first as an insignificantly minor act when all of us start contributing it will result in major changes. We often go about our daily routines without paying attention to these things, however, when we look closer, some of our activities are extremely bad for the environment.[irp]

Reduce plastic bag usage: Everyone in the Kingdom can contribute to this effort by reducing the amount of plastic bags that they use. Instead of having our groceries placed in separate plastic bags we should aim to fit as much as we can without causing the plastic bags to rip.

Recycling Water Bottles: Many people drink only bottled water in Saudi. Some prefer to purchase a huge number of small bottles which accumulates to a mountain of trash. We should aim to buy the larger bottles as we will consume fewer bottles and create less garbage.

Use of Water sparingly: Most of the Saudi families have more than one car. The driver is usually responsible for cleaning these cars, and the maids are responsible for cleaning the area outside from all the dust and sand. The most common procedure for this is usually to just spray the cars, drive away and outer area with many gallons of water, which could have been used for something more important.  Cars should be washed with a bucket and the outside areas should be swept.

Reuse or Return Hangers from laundries: Most Saudi families have their clothes professionally cleaned. Every neighborhood is also sure to have at least one laundry place if not more. When the clothes are picked up they come with their own hangers, and some people discard these hangers and get a new set when their clothes are cleaned next. Instead of this try and return the hangers with your clothes when giving them to be cleaned

Turn off lights and air conditioners: Many people tend to leave their ACs and lights on all the time even when they leave the house. This causes them to receive huge electricity bills. Instead of this, pick up the habit of shutting all electrical appliances off to save money and electricity.

Excess use of Tissue Paper: Although toilet paper is not used by most, the amount of tissue paper consumed in the Kingdom is astonishing. They are used for just about everything. Instead of wasting so much paper, we should aim to consume only the amount of tissue we necessarily have to.

Littering on the street: We love to litter on the roads because we think that someone else will clean it up after us. However, we do not realize that the limited workforce of street cleaners cannot keep up with our mess.

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