Procedure to Process Family Visit Visa from Etimad Centers in Pakistan

A regular contributor to this blog Mr. Muhammad Zaheer Nazir has come up again with another procedure. I am personally very thankful to him for guiding the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia.

Today, he is telling us about the procedure to process family visit visa from Etimad Center in Pakistan. It is important to mention here that Etimad Centers in Pakistan only process family visas. The procedure to process working visas is different and has been covered in this link “Saudi Work Visa”.

First, you need to book an appointment with Etimad Centers. The procedure to book an appointment is given here. If you want to visit Etimad without taking an appointment, make sure you are there in the early morning.

They do not accept direct requests after 11 am. You will have to carry all the below-mentioned documents to the Etimad Center on the date of appointment. Below are the documents as per my knowledge which is required.

This may not be the complete list; this is for your reference only. I hope it would help you.

  • Visa Slip printed from MOFA Saudi Arabia website
  • Marriage certificate and its photocopy attested by Pakistani Foreign Office
  • Passport and Iqama copy of the person who applied for the visa
  • Relationship evidence which could be certain documents which prove that this person is relative to the visa sender.
  • 2 Pics in white background which should not be more than 6 months’ old

Return air tickets – It is written on their website that they require return air ticket but they don’t ask for it. To know the detail if you need a return ticket, read this link “Return Ticket for Family Visit Visa Holder in Saudi Arabia”

ID Card of the Applicant – It is better if Your Wife get new ID Card with your name as husband on the ID Card (it's simple just go to NADRA office with Union counsel provided Nikah Registration form and they will proceed), and after that your wife will get the New Passport on basis of new ID Card.

Passport of the Applicant

Vaccination Card: Please bring applicant's Vaccination Card for Polio & MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella). Otherwise, they will not accept the documents. The vaccination card should not be more than 6 months old. This Vaccination can be done by any Govt.

The hospital which cost only 30 to 50 Rupees. Etimad Office also has this facility but they charge PKR 2,000 for it. This vaccination card is not required for children less than 1-year-old.

Muqeem Paper: Nowadays, Etimad Center is also asking for a Muqeem paper to process the visa request. You can ask your company to provide you this paper.

It contains details related to your dependents and iqama expiry etc. You can also print the Dependents tab from your MOI account and it will also be acceptable to them.

At the time of submission of the documents, the staff members will ask you to opt for the urgent way of processing the application. The fee for an urgent way of stamping the visa from Etimad Center is more than the normal fee.

This is just a tactic to get an additional amount of money from your pocket. Don’t be trapped to such trick as there is hardly any difference between the duration of two methods of processing of the application.

The fee for the processing of Visit Visa at Etimad Center is around PKR 73,000/- for single entry family visit visa.

Once all these documents are stamped, you need to track the application status on Enjaz website. When the status appears as the visa is stamped on your passport, anyone can go to Etimad Center with the receipt of the application and proof of his identification and collect the passport.

You may also opt for courier service at the Etimad Center. In this case, the passport will be delivered to your home address.

If your passport is not collected within 30 days from the Etimad Center, it will be returned to Saudi Embassy.

Etimad Center Contact Numbers: 0092-4237512732, 0092-4237512733, 0092-4237512734, 0092-4237512735, 0092-4237512737, 0092-2132785640, 0092-2132785641

The validity of Family Visit Visa: Once visit visa is issued by MOFA, it can be stamped by Saudi Embassy in your home country within 3 months of its issuance date.

Once family visit visa is stamped in your home country by the Saudi Embassy, it is valid for 1 month from the date when it is stamped. However, we recommend you to check the visa issued by the Saudi Embassy for the validity of the visa.

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