10 Shopping Tips at IKEA Stores in Saudi Arabia

Furniture and household items! Undoubtedly the first thing that comes to your mind is IKEA. I and many others like me are devout customers of the Sweden-based, multinational giant. However, anybody who has ever shopped at IKEA knows that the convenience of finding everything possible under one roof usually comes with a price. No, the price is not in monetary terms, but instead, buyers have to navigate through a maze of aisles, while dodging the massive crowd of fellow shoppers, to make their way to the desired items. Although this may seem like a struggle to the newbie shopper, IKEA shopping veterans have figured out a way to avoid all the hassle and breeze through their IKEA experience. Here are some tips to adhere by;[irp]

1-The ideal time to go to IKEA would be before the afternoon prayers if you want to avoid traffic in the later hours.

2-Multiply your estimated budget at least three times. The reason behind this is that once you enter IKEA, you are so engrossed with all the low prices and bright colors that you usually end up buying much more than you originally intended to.

3-It is important to bring along a reliable and functioning credit card. If your credit card does not work, you should not assume that the cashier will manually input another card.

4-Shopping in the As-Is section on Wednesday will allow you to get additional 10% discount. You only have to display your IKEA family card.

5-However, for the best stuff, shop in the As-Is section on Sunday. This is because most people return things on weekend, which will increase the stock on Sunday.

6-Be on the lookout for yellow Last Chance tags. These indicate that the sale price has been further reduced.

7-IKEA is the best and cheapest place to buy wedding gifts as well as party and wedding decorations. The low-cost candles such as the pillar candles, which go for SR 7 for a box of 4 candles, are great for decorating any party or wedding ceremony.

8-If you plan on making a return, it is best to do so in the morning. It is a great way to beat the traffic on the roads and at IKEA. The staff will also be in a better mood in the morning, rather than later after having dealt with a horde of customers.

9-Every frequent shopper in IKEA should sign up for the IKEA moving program, even if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon. This will allow you to get up to SR 100 off on your next purchase amounting to SR 1,000 or above.

10-Getting an IKEA family card is also a great idea, especially if you have kids. This allows you to get great discounts. IKEA family cards also entitle you to a free tea or coffee whenever you visit. In some regions, you also get free frozen yogurt when you pick up your card. Buy the cheap yet delicious Shawarmas once you are done with the shopping.

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