Why do people have kidney stones after employment in Saudi Arabia?

Kidney stones are a pain for everyone suffering from it. It is a challenge to dissolve this stone naturally without any operating procedure. It is a challenge for both the physician and the patient. It is explained by Dr. Dennis Serrano that kidney stones can be dissolved by lifestyle modifications which may include a diet check, your daily routine; your body hydration is the most important thing topping the list and recognition of substances that inhibit stone formation. There are many types of research and studies in this regard which the tech summit revealed, that with advancing technology potassium citrate is found to be a key element related to kidney stones.[irp]

The Science behind Kidney Stones: First, you need to know that these kidney stones are basically accumulations of sodium and calcium phosphate crystals that bulk together and form a kidney stone. Various factors add up to this, diet and cholesterol levels topping the list. Potassium citrate is found to inhibit the formation of these calcium phosphate crystals and treat the uric acid stones which may be added in this. Dr. Dennis pointed that recurrence of potassium oxalate and uric acid stones are also inhibited by this potassium citrate which accounts for 85% to 90% of the total kidney stones. He also cleared that potassium citrate technology is nothing new and had been advised to such patients suffering from kidney stone disease from a long time to dissolve the stone but these formulations are both difficult to handle and that too with extra issues and side effects related to the gastrointestinal tract and erratic serum levels. There is an urgent need for a formulation with fewer side effects and GIT friendly.

That is why Dr. Kennie Dee, The Unilab senior vice president for R&D, declared Biomedis, which is a division of United Laboratories Inc. to be the best in this regard who came up with potassium citrate wax matrix formula with extended release potassium citrate tablets. These extended release tablets will help reduce the gastro side effects and irritation and serving the purpose of dissolving the kidney stones to its maximum maintaining potassium citrate release throughout the day. This way there is a certain constant release of potassium citrate and not immediate formula release which occurs in other cases. Biomedis’ TASCIT is thus classified as a GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) material by the USFDA. This summit was carried out simultaneously at three locations with the pioneering feature of hologram presentation attended by 1500 doctors.

Serrano in this summit, therefore, discussed the history, facts, and statistics involving the kidney stones management and according to him, about 10 percent of all people at some point in their lives will have a kidney stone, with incidence rising between the ages of 20-40 years old. There was a demonstration of the TASCIT formula by Doctor Dee in which the potassium citrate particles were entrapped in a waxy matrix (wax being insoluble it does not dissolve in the GIT preventing the side effects) and then released slowly from the tablet giving extended results that last the whole day.[irp]

Kidney Stones in Saudi Arabia: Nephrolithiasis is a common problem worldwide especially in areas of the hot climate like Saudi Arabia. There is a male predominance with a male: female ratio of 4:1. Calcium-based stones constitute the great majority (84.6%) followed by uric acid stones (12.8%). Calcium based stones are the most common urinary stones observed in Saudi Arabia. There is a clear association between the diagnosis of urinary stones and the hot season

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