Experience: How I got Yellow Slip in 10 Minutes from Istiqdam

Mr. Yu Jia Lin has shared his experience of getting Yellow Slip from Istiqdam. Alhamdulillah, I got my yellow slip today and it took me 10 minutes in the Istiqdam office. Although having so deep frustration, I have to honestly say that the system here is good and efficient, if you do everything correctly. There are some useful tips:[irp]

Get all the certified paper prepared. This is the most important part. Today I saw many people being rejected for lack of some documents. Online appointment with Istiqdam is crucial. You will have nearly no difficulty in getting VISA if you show up with an appointment on time with all papers ready.

It seems that they update the status more frequently, NOT EVERY SUNDAY, but rather in a more irregular rhythm. My suggestion will be: try log-in three times a day, ~ 8:20 AM, ~ 12:00 and ~ 16:00. By using this interval, you may find some appointment available for, say, three months later. Take it. It appears that you can “update” your appointment for two times. So, by keeping this interval of trying three times a day, it is very likely that you find an earlier appointment day available.

In my case, I got my first appointment day on 28 of June, and then three days later I updated it to 29 of April, and two days later to 8 of April. I am not allowed to update it any earlier, but I am quite satisfied. I am not sure that if the online application is working for the government employee or not. But if you are in a hurry, try the online appointment way, it is still working for us. I work in a public university and it is still not working at least two days ago.