How effective is the Green Tea for Weight Loss?

The healthiest beverage on earth is green tea, a great substitute for coffee. It is made of leaves of camellia. Green tea is imported mainly from China but very popular among the Asians. It is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants great for the body. Green tea can also help to protect our brain in the old age. The Catechins found in green tea kill bacteria and virus that causes influenza, therefore reducing the risk of such virus. It also benefits in dental health, since green tea inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes tooth plaques and cavity.[irp]

Green tea can make a person smart too. The risk of obesity decreases with intake of green tea because it burns fat and boosts the metabolic rate; this is one reason people drink green tea for weight loss. Intake of green tea reduces appetite automatically causing a person to take fewer calories than normal. However, the effects of total pounds lost due to green tea are modest. Other exercises and diet plans have to be followed with green tea for weight loss. Health consciousness is increasing in Saudi Arabia as well. The increase in obesity has caused people to become more conscious about their health.

Green tea is reported to minimize the risk of cancer. Cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. Breast cancer risk can also be reduced by green tea. It kills cancer cell and does not harm healthy cells. A few minerals are present in green tea important for health. And is a great substitute for coffee. The tannin found in green tea is antioxidant, which protect our cell from environment toxins. The tannins also help boost immunity.

Several health complications are associated with green tea. Green tea with lots of benefits has side effects as well. The caffeine in green tea can be harmful in several ways. The caffeine in green tea can affect the level of sugar of diabetic patients. It can also increase the blood pressure of people with high blood pressure. The amount of caffeine intake should be limited to less than 300mg per day. Too much caffeine can cause nervousness, sleeping disorders, vomiting, irregular heartbeats and many more problems. The high amount of caffeine in green tea can affect the health in lots of harmful ways. The amount of calcium flushed out of the urine can be increased due to drinking lots of green tea. High caffeine can prevent calcium absorption as well, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. The anxiety can worse with caffeine in green tea among people with anxiety disorders. To prevent all such caffeine problems, limit the green tea intake few cups a day.[irp]

The tannin found in green tea is antioxidant, which protect our cell from environment toxins. The tannins also help boost immunity. But the tannins can also cause serious health problem since they decrease the amount of iron absorbed by the body. The low iron level can cause symptoms of breathlessness and tiredness. Green tea affects less on iron absorption if taken during meals. The medications used for blood pressure or heart conditions being carried out can also be interfered by green tea intake.

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