A perfect place for Women to ride bicycle in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It has been a common phenomenon to see kids riding bikes on a compound in Riyadh but cycling is something which has been seen rarely. While residing in Saudi Arabia I hardly saw bicycles riding cycles down on footpath. One night I witnessed while passing through my street several blokes of workers on cycle with a long chain of bicycles. It is a common perception about Saudis that they don’t ride a bicycle. Generally, Saudi boys are more interested in football instead of bicycling. In Saudi Arabia there are few bike shops which have stock for women as well. Surprisingly! Well, it was not a safe idea to have a bicycle ride in Riyadh while women are not allowed to drive, especially at public places.[irp]

Saudi girls are not encouraged to ride bicycles due to cultural and religious restriction. Such restrictions are considered necessary to keep women secure from any kind of immoral relations and activities in Saudi Arabia. Women are not encouraged to participate in sports and exercises even after marriage and birth of kids. So off course Saudi women are not then intended mostly to participate in bicycling and bike riding due to cultural restrictions.

Normally young Saudi girls and boys choose desert places for bicycling events on picnics and on wide walkways along the sides of Al Elb Damn during favorable weather. I often have seen young girls enjoying with different sports and it’s nice to see that their parents don’t restrict them in this practice. But normally these families belong to countries other than Saudis. Several cyclists visit hills outside the Riyadh to spend quality time while bicycling away from hustle bustle of the city. Women cyclists also try to pedal along with such walking tracks around the DQ despite its non-smooth edges.

Expats and their teenage kids are often looking for bicycling clubs in city, I would recommend them “Riyadh Wheelers”. They have been serving in this field since 1992 and have trained various cyclists. The website of Riyadh Wheelers contains all related information.  It is the best to place to get trained for bicycling and bike riding. This club is famous for its expertise in bicycling and it chooses best places which are suitable for women riders as well.[irp]

Normally they take bicycling sessions in a remote place Wadi e Hanifa which is on outskirts of the city. I am also intended to visit this place to have a bicycling session outside the city. In this regard, I visited the club to take a wheel man with me in the desired location for bicycling sessions. Expats residing in Saudi Arabia can also fulfill their craze of bicycling while visiting Riyadh Wheelers or any other suitable option.

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