9 Miracles of Prophet Mohammad’s (S.A.W)

It is an undoubted fact that Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was the final and the greatest Prophet sent by Allah to his people. His arrival was such an important event, that it would change the fate of mankind forever. Such great emphasis was laid on his arrival into this world that there were reportedly premonitions among the disbelievers before the Prophet was born. The great Prophet, like many other Prophets of God, was awarded many miracles to show the true strength of Allah to the disbelievers. Some of the miracles performed by the Prophet were:[irp]

1-The night our prophet was born the palace of Qisra (Persian King) trembled, and fourteen of its towers fell down.

2-Upon his birth, the flames of the Majus (Zoroastrians) were extinguished, although the fire had not extinguished in more than a millennium.

3-Israa and Miraj- The Prophet was granted with a miracle like no other when he traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem overnight, and then ascended to heaven. There he met all the previous Prophets and was honorably chosen to lead all previous Prophets in prayer.

4-Splitting of the Moon- The unbelievers had asked The Prophet for a physical miracle, so he fulfilled their wish by splitting the moon in half just by a gesture of his index finger.

5-Survival after being poisoned- A Jewish women had invited the Prophet to a meal but instead chose to poison his meal. The Prophet discovered the Poison but still ate it and told the woman that poison would not affect him. He lived for almost 13 years after the incident.

6-The Spiders web- After fleeing Mecca, with his enemies after him he decided to hide in a cave. However, the enemies did reach the mouth of the cave but did not enter as a spider had covered the cave’s entrance leading them to believe that it was uninhabited.

7-Food multiplication- one of The Prophets followers asked the Prophet for help with his creditors when he was going to sell his Date Crop to them, the value of the crop was however nowhere close to what the creditors were owed so The Prophet bestowed his blessings on the pile of dates and they increased to almost half of the value of the man’s debts.

8-Water multiplication- Once on a journey The Prophet and his followers fell short of water, so he asked one of them to bring him the remaining water. As the container had very little water he placed his hand on it and asked his followers to come and drink as it had significantly increased.

9-Supplication for Rain- It is said that the followers of our Prophet asked his blessings for more rain for a better crop yield. The Prophet asked Allah to help him and so he did by making clouds gather over Medina and making it rain for almost a week.

Source: Discovering Islam

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