Are you a Muslim who does not pray? Way to motivate yourself

Religion comes easily to some. Even though it sounds so easy, just to get up and pray, it is not so easy for me. When we don’t offer Salah, it creates a hollow feeling in our soul, and to eliminate this hollow feeling we should change our perception about Salah and we should keep a proactive approach towards it. Let’s not procrastinate, rather just get up and pray, even if it’s only one Salah a day and then build it to 5 times a day. However, you cannot get rid of the hollow feeling by only praying, there are other factors which you need to consider achieving peace from within. The sole reason why we offer Salah is that of our unconditional love for Allah, this love allows us to stand up however tired you are and to offer Salah. This is the first fundamental pillar on which your faith is based, our love for Allah.[irp]

The early surahs are filled with lessons about Allah, His Angels, His Messengers, His Books and the regulations came later. Even when building a house you need to build a strong foundation, if the foundation is strong it can withhold any problems. And the foundation of Salah is based on our love for Allah, those who love Allah will pray regularly and easily. The first step for people who don’t pray is to remember Allah through dhikr. We should recite SubhanAllah 100 times each day. This will develop a habit of remembering Allah throughout the day.

As mentioned earlier, Salah alone does not bring peace from within, when we start remembering Allah throughout the day; He softens our heart and allows us to eradicate the hollow feeling in our soul. Allah does not disregard anyone and when you remember him by praying, he remembers you by fulfilling your prayers. Abu Ad-Darda (May Allah be pleased with him) has narrated that the Prophet has stated that the best action which we can perform in the sight of Allah, is his remembrance. This raises our rank to the highest rank possible, is better for Muslims than spending silver or gold and better than meeting your enemy in a fair fight.

It is better than anything that we may need or desire, it is the purest and best form of complete devotion and worship. We always cloud our thoughts by telling ourselves that it’s either 100% or nothing, that we either pray or we are being sinful. We disregard the steps that we are taking towards becoming regular at offering Salah. Dhikr is a step towards remembering Allah.[irp]

Another good step apart from Dhikr is to begin learning His Names. When you are familiar with his names, you can’t help but attach your heart to Him. Within the due course of time, your desire to please Him and turn back to Him will increase, this is what will take away the hollowness, this makes Salah easy. But before you begin building your prayers, it is important to work on our foundation.

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